Zoho Pros & Cons

Zoho Pros and Cons

“Nothing is perfect,” as they say.  (Except for my grandchildren of course. LOL.) But I must say that Zoho has much more to like than not to like! Zoho CRM consistently ranks 4+ stars in reviews.  I’ve read through many of the “Pros & Cons”…
Zoho Inspire

Impressed by Zoho

During the week of April 8, 2019, three of us from First Direct Corporation attended Zoho’s annual partner and user conference, otherwise know at Zoholics 2019.  The more one learns about Zoho the more impressed one ought to be.  Here’s why:   In every way…
Collaborate to Celebrate

Collaborate in Order to Celebrate

The smallest to the largest organization needs to collaborate in order to function.  Businesses are comprised of multiple people performing different aspects that are required to operate successfully. Some areas must work more closely with one another, such as sales and marketing, or finance and…