How a BluePrint Helps in Making Your CRM Implementation Better

The success of your CRM completely relies on the sales process. A process is effective only when it is followed properly and when you have deep insight of how each part is performing. Knowing your process is implemented exactly as you’ve designed can be a cumbersome task. We, at First Direct Corporation, help you solve this challenge with BluePrint – a new feature of Zoho CRM. Blueprint helps you align your sales process with your CRM efficiently and also makes sure that your team follows it rigorously.

Announcement: First Direct Corporation Offers Zoho CRM

The expertise and experience of a Solution Partner is vital to achieving the best results from your CRM application.

First Direct Corporation is proud to announce that we are now offering Zoho applications as a fully Authorized Zoho Partner. This includes Zoho CRM, Zoho CRM Plus, and Zoho One. We will also offer many of the integrated solutions in the Zoho Marketplace.

For over 25 years First Direct’s organization has specialized in CRM solutions. As a leading GoldMine CRM software provider, our experience with CRM spans many industries. We have worked with organizations from coast-to-coast in the United States, in firms small to large.


There seems to be some misconception that CRM software is going to make it more difficult or time-consuming to do the things one has to do during the day in sales or administration. That may be so for some, but not from my personal experience.

CRM software, once configured and applied to your daily workflow and tasks, can save you time and make it actually easier for you to do your day. Features in CRM allow for automation, faster information capture, speedier communications and more. CRM functions help a salespeople, customer service representatives, and office administrators fulfill their jobs quicker and more efficiently day in & day out.

7 Marketing Musts that Require Effective Use of CRM Software

The following 7 capabilities are NOT optional. They are “Marketing Musts” and to achieve them every business is better off with a CRM application.

1. Maintain an accurate central list of all your prospects and customers.
2. Track details on those relationships that are used for marketing, sales and analysis.
3. Segment your list to create more relevant communications to a target audience.
4. Distribute leads and other records for follow-up by sales people.
5. Capture interactions and conversations which are the basis for future marketing, sales and service activities.
6. Rely on objective data collected over time as the basis for management decisions.
7. Use and maintain your list in order to improve its accuracy.

Using CRM for Inbound Marketing

Have you ever a wished to see a chronological list of all your QuickBooks activity? With the QuickBooks audit log report, you can keep track of added, deleted, and modified transactions, as well as user entries. The audit log feature allows you (and any other viewer with access rights) to see history of changes made to individual transactions…