How to Use Zoho Analytics to Power Your Marketing Life Cycle

How to Use Zoho Analytics to Power Your Marketing Life Cycle

To meet the prospect and customer expectations organizations must use their data and to stay competitive in the crowded marketplace.  Businesses need to streamline their marketing process and use analytics to make smarter decisions.

In this blog, we will explain the Marketing Life Cycle (MLC) stages and how Zoho Analytics can provide the insight that businesses to leverage MLC to help define your strategies and tactics in order to attract clients, convert, retain, and re-engage them to boost revenue and grow your business.

Marketing Life Cycle

MLC analytics can turn customer data into insights, help anticipate customer needs, improve customer experiences, and increase customer lifetime value.

Marketing Life Cycle is a Model

An MLC model helps an organization align it’s content marketing strategy with real buyer journeys and business objectives.

In a developing a MLC plan you pass through three-stages: 1) Planning, 2) Execution and 3) Measurement.  Zoho Analytics can track key marketing metrics (KPIs) and boost your end results with end-to-end insights. Zoho Analytics is a business intelligence and analytics platform that helps you easily analyze your data and discover hidden insights to derive better outcomes.

Marketing Overview Dashboard

McKinsey Quarterly has stated, “Companies that make extensive use of data analytics are more likely to report outperforming their competitors on key performance metrics, whether profit, sales, sales growth, or return on investment.

Zoho Analytics provides better visualization of your marketing data in order to enhance the relevance of your marketing campaigns and customer experience.

Zoho Analytics at Every Stage of MLC

Stage 1: Plan. In this stage, businesses need to define the marketing goals of a company and gather strategies and tactics to achieve them. The planning stage requires customer information,

Zoho Analytics combines data from all your files, web feeds, databases, cloud storage services & online/offline applications to help you determine customer interests and behaviors and which campaigns or marketing channels are resonating most with your customers. This would help you plan what types of campaigns you need to focus on in the future and determine the best strategies for those campaigns.

Zoho Analytics Combines Data

Zoho Analytics dashboard enable you to see and understand key marketing metrics. It’s spreadsheet-like interface for data addition and analysis is a familiar and friendly tool for defining your plans. Since Zoho Analytics has built in intelligence that can predict future trends and make projections which are very useful for goal setting.

2. Stage 2: Execute. After building your marketing plan goals Zoho Analytics helps keep you on target with your checkpoints.

With Zoho Analytics analysis of relevant KPIs you can check your campaign’s performance with granular insights.  You can make adjusts early in order to re-strategize and optimize your campaigns to get better outcomes.

Zoho Analytics Analysis

Custom dashboard’s in Zoho Analytics measures your mission-critical metrics such as revenue, expenses, ROI, conversion rate, open rate, clicks, and more.

Zoho Analytics dashboards have a friendly and efficient drag-and-drop interface.  There are also a variety of charts, widgets, pivot tables, and tabular view components. Features such as drill-downs, contextual filters, ad-hoc exploratory analysis on your present campaigns are available.  If applicable you can analyze geographical data with interactive map charts.

Stage 3: Measure. Zoho Analytics connects with Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Google Analytics, MailChimp, SurveyMonkey, Zoho Survey, Zoho Campaigns, and more. So no matter which channels you use, you can easily measure your campaign performance and either stay on or change course. 

Zoho Analytics Pricing and Plans

Zoho Analytics is included with Zoho One or it can be purchased separately and added to Zoho CRM and CRM Plus

• Enterprise – $495 per month with 50 million rows, 50 users. All features in the Premium plan, 5x performance, and live chat support.

• Premium – $125 per month with 5 million rows, 15 users. All features in the Standard plan, logo rebranding, and private links

• Standard – $50 per month with 1 million rows, 5 users. All features in the Basic plan, hourly data sync, groups support, database owner role, and data backup

• Basic – $25 per month with 5 million rows, 2 users. Unlimited reports and dashboards, 100+ data connectors, Zoho apps connectors, Daily sync, and more


When you power your marketing life cycle with analytics, you can make informed decisions and devise your marketing strategies accordingly. If you integrate Zoho Analytics into MLC and use insightful data, you’ll find that your marketing activities have become more effective.

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