Turn Software Into a system

Turn Your Zoho Software into an Operating System.

In our Role as a Zoho Authorized Partner, First Direct Corporation provides more than CRM software. We help your organization TURN SOFTWARE INTO A SYSTEM. A CRM system needs to be intelligently configured and deployed in alignment with an organizations business processes, objectives, human resources, and sales, marketing & service needs.

Below are the elements of First Direct’s business methodology which add value to your CRM applications, accelerate your deployment, and help you to achieve greater results and return from your CRM investment.

Configuration Planning & Design

We begin by focusing on how you intend to use your CRM from a marketing, sales, service, and workgroup standpoint. Scoping out the ways your system needs to be configured for optimum benefits, security needs, workflow, etc.

Technical Readiness and Support

A First Direct expert on the technical requirements for your set-up and deployment will consult with your technical team to ensure that you are ready for an efficient and proper implementation of your new CRM system and any relevant add-ons.

Training & Coaching

Your system is only as good as your users. Raising your users CRM competency is key to usage, satisfaction, and the ultimate value your organizations and users will derive. Training and coaching is the key to bridging the knowledge gap and getting off to on right foot. This applies to every level and type of user on your system, including the people who administer it.

Special Needs

Organization have similarities, and that is why the basics and best practices apply to all CRM systems. By the same token, each organization has it’s unique needs and circumstances, and those can lead us into the areas such as advanced features, add-on applications, and even custom development.

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