Zoho Partner Meeting

Three employees from First Direct Corp. attended a Zoho Partner meeting on June 8th. It was extremely interesting and exciting to hear about Zoho’s rate of growth in the marketplace. Since 2012, Zoho’s customer base has grown over 500%. There are reasons that customer growth is taking place at a rapid clip to this day.

During the meeting, Vijay Sundaram, Chief Strategy Officer for Zoho, spoke to product strategies and how Zoho is responding to the market. The depth and breadth of Zoho’s offering is beyond compare.

Equally compelling is the way Zoho differentiates it’s offerings. Right off the bat, the fact that Zoho does not require a long term contract, speaks volumes about how confident they are in the products, let alone their customer philosophy. They trust customer and if customers are not happy they don’t want them to feel locked in.

Zoho technology is leading edge. Jeri Jon, who supports the SalesIQ and Cliq applications highlighted the powerful capabilities of these solutions for advance web site tracking and chat interactions, integrated with Zoho CRM. All Zoho applications can be obtained under one all-inclusive price that is far less than the leading competitors and offers as much or more functionality. Zoho ONE, is a total operating system for a business. And, it is quickly gaining market share due to it’s value!

What was also clear at the Partner meeting is how important the role of partners like First Direct Corp. is. While Zoho has truly tremendous FREE resources available for Zoho users, they recognize that a personal touch from Zoho experts is crucial for superior results with their applications.

Bob Ritter


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