Zoho CRM Implementation & Configuration

Businesses across the world have realized the importance of a CRM system. When businesses use Zoho CRM, there are possibilities that they might not use all the available tools. To help your business configure and integrate the Zoho software precisely, First Direct Corporation can help you to ensure you get the most out of your CRM investment. We Turn Software into a System – designed around your business processes in order to sell smarter, better, faster.

No doubt, the decision to purchase a customer relationship management software is the first step, however, when it comes to an effective and seamless customer relationship management system, implementation is just as important as the type of CRM you choose. At First Direct Corp, we provide the Zoho CRM configuration and implementation services so that your CRM is aligned with your business – it’s data needs, workflow, procedures and functions. Our main goal is to help you achieve your current organizational goals and meet your sales & marketing automation objectives.

Software is only good if it fits into your unique business processes

First Direct’s Zoho professional’s offer Zoho custom CRM configuration services.  Big or small, in a wide range of industries, our Zoho experts work to make Zoho fit for your organization. From the very beginning, we make sure the Zoho CRM software is implemented and configured in the right way. We will support you and consult on the best CRM practices until you start getting the better return on the investment.

CRM Implementation and Configuration process as followed by us:

Analyzing the needs of the business and determining an appropriate implementation strategy.

Developing a step by step and appropriate implementation timeline.

Mapping company’s business requirements and processes to CRM requirements.

Executing the implementation, taking employee adoption and buy-in into consideration.

User training and monitoring CRM usage, ensuring best possible CRM adoption to improve overall business performance.

What Does This Mean For Your Business?

Save – Zoho products are considered to be the most effective on the market. If you’re looking for a suitable alternative to salesforce, these products provide all the functionality needed at a fraction of cost.

Integrate – Zoho solutions integrate to provide a total operating system for your business. Or, you can use just the products you need.

Experiment – With Zoho creator, your sales process doesn’t stop development until you do. You get a chance to experiment with new revenue streams, client portals, applications and more.

When CRM is properly configured and implemented it is much easier for your employees to understand its functionalities and manage their day to day tasks.  This is a key way First Direct, as a Zoho Authorized Partner, adds value to you CRM system and your business.

You can grow your business with CRM.

Contact First Direct and work with us to set up your Zoho CRM system to work the way you do. Then deliver great customer experience which in turn will you generate revenue. Take advantage of Zoho CRM implementation and configuration services offered by First Direct Corp. and increase your productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

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