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When it comes to helping organizations market, sell and service their customers better – First Direct Corporation offers value based CRM solutions. With clients all across the United States, First Direct Corp. has the expertise to identify your business needs and offer solutions based on those needs. This is why we say, we “Turn Software into a System.”

As an Authorized Partner for Zoho, we work with businesses to optimize and automate their sales, marketing, HR and other customer-support services. Organizations of all sizes, technical abilities, and industry verticals can hire our expert Zoho CRM professionals and enjoy professional services and industry leading solutions. A certified Zoho CRM professional will assist with the implementation and usage of Zoho solutions. First Direct provides training, custom configuration, integration, support, consulting, system administration, and other related services.

Hire Our Zoho CRM Professional & Avail These Services

Free Consultation – Being an authorized partner of Zoho, our team of experts will help your organization evaluate how it will benefit from Zoho applications. To review your needs and answer your questions, hire one of our experienced Zoho CRM professionals. We will suggest the best suitable Zoho solution for your organization can apply so that you can market, sell and service in a fast and efficient manner.

Certified Zoho CRM professionals show you the applications and an expert from First Direct will assist you with questions, pricing, etc.

Zoho Consulting and Support – Until you configure your CRM, it is just a software. First Direct will help you Turn Software Into A System. To realize the value of CRM, you must chalk-out your business processes and integrate workflow into the applications. You will also be required to engage your users to properly implement and use the CRM solution. First Direct’s Zoho support services range from consultation to training to customization and ongoing system support and administration.

With successful Zoho CRM system, you will be able to effectively provide your organization with the resources and solutions it needs.

Zoho Training – Videos and manuals can make your staff to learn up to some extent. Our Zoho CRM professional can offer your organization training, scheduling options and an opportunity for the questionnaire. First Direct has years of CRM experience with vast knowledge of best practices and valuable insights that can take your business beyond your expectations.

Get in touch with us and discuss your specific Zoho training needs and we will offer you a training plan in accordance with your budget and schedule.

Zoho Database Administration – The Zoho administration plans can make your IT team burdened with lots of work as they will have to learn all the features and functionality of Zoho CRM software. Rather than hiring resources and wasting both money and time that is required to operate the CRM software, leverage services of First Direct and hire a CRM professional.

Let your team do more of what they do best! We assure to provide you Zoho database administration to support your system on an ongoing basis.

Zoho Custom Integrations – For custom Zoho development and integration, this CRM software has a myriad of tools and technologies. Each of the Zoho application has the capability to be highly customized. In addition, there are tools such as Zoho Creator and other Zoho modules that can be used to build highly customized Zoho interfaces and functionality as per the needs and demands of the user.

We have the team of highly trained technical resources who are experienced in turning your Zoho Software into a truly customized & competitive CRM system.

How First Direct Corp Can Help Organizations?

The Zoho CRM Software helps organizations in managing their prospects, customers, contacts at one place while also helping your sales team in tracking their sales pipeline and forecasting. The marketers can also keep a track of their marketing campaigns to evaluate the ROI on marketing efforts. The module related to Customer Support helps in the case and solutions management. The Zoho CRM also helps users in inventory tracking and supplier management.
If you’re already using Zoho CRM and want to take further advantage of its many other capabilities, certified Zoho CRM professionals and First Direct can help you! Take advantage of other functionalities that Zoho has in store for you and increase your productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

Zoho applications can become the integral operating system for your business. Work with First Direct to implement the products that are best for your organization’s needs and budget.

Turn Your Zoho Software into an Operating System.
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