All Roads Lead to Zoho CRM

When it comes to the use of database technologies to market, sell and service better  All Roads Lead to Zoho CRM.  Here’s why . . .


At the core of practically every office function is a database of relationships.  Whether you are doing sales, marketing, service, accounting, communications, collaboration, social media, project management, business analysis, one common element is that all involve relationships in your CRM database.

An organization’s Interactions with prospects, customers and vendors is what makes the business world go round.

Organizations need to track, access and share information concerning such interactions in ways that are visible at the account and contact level.

Zoho software provides a rock-solid relational CRM database system which is integrated with their other Zoho applications that are designed for more specialized purposes such Zoho Desk for help desk, Zoho Campaigns and Zoho MarketingHub for sales & marketing automation, Zoho Projects for project management, Zoho Books for accounting, and much more!


Zoho has organized an incredible collection of 45+ applications into six logical functional groupings.  The boxes below represent those groupings with a link in each to the specific applications:

Sales & Marketing – Optimize your Sales and Marketing Cycle! Give your sales team the perfect set of applications and the required data to gain a complete view of the customer journey. It helps them reach out to target audience, thereby engaging them and ultimately closing more deals in a smarter way.

Email & Collaboration – Zoho provides much more than outstanding native email functionality and integration other email clients. There are applications for project management, working with documents, holding meetings & events, file sharing and other ways teams collaborate.

Business Process – Zoho’s analytical tools will take your business to new heights of intelligence.  With Zoho Creator, Zoho Flow and other applications included with Zoho One you’ll organization will have powerful tools for turning your software into a system that fits your unique business processes.

Finance – Zoho One includes a complete set of accounting applications for keeping your books, invoicing, inventory, and expenses.

IT & Help Desk – The help desk applications within Zoho will help you focus on the internal needs of your organization as well as your customers Manage your IT assets on a secure platform.  Zoho Desk and Zoho Assist offers core functionality that won’t be found in traditional basic CRM platforms.

Human Resources – HR tools come as pleasant surprise for most organizations who find Zoho for CRM.  With Zoho’s recruiting tools and other HR functionality feeding and supporting your talent pool Zoho rounds out it’s Zoho One platform.

Zoho is The Operating System for Business.

Zoho’s robust selection of applications are designed from the ground up to integrate with their core Zoho CRM software.  On Zoho’s Integration Marketplace there are integrations to many of the leading best-of-breed third-party products.  All of Zoho’s products are mobile so you can use them from any computer and any smartphone or tablet.

One can start out simply and economically with Zoho CRM for as little as $12.00 per user per month (billed annually).  Then an organization can add users and the other solutions it needs one at a time. Most organizations expand by upgrading to either the Zoho CRM Plus or Zoho One suites.

Zoho has anticipated all the needs of an organization including but not limited to:

Mobility – Run business from your phone. Zoho CRM Plus offers a wide range of mobile apps to manage your sales, reports, leads, and customers on the go, anytime, anywhere.

Administration – Get your Zoho applications going properly and expediently and then administer them all from a central console.

Productivity – Increase efficiency, effectiveness and productivity. Streamline and automate complex business processes across multiple departments and teams to improve productivity.

Insights and Intelligence – Gather customer analytics, derive conceptual insights and improve customer service. Zoho CRM Plus helps you gather and analyze customer data to increase sales and retention.

Multichannel Engagement – Communicate, connect and close. From email communication to social media interactions, boost your customer engagement efforts across multiple channels with Zoho.

Inter-team Communication – Communicate, collaborate and stay connected. Use Zoho’s shared customer database and real-time messaging tools to bring every team member together for better customer service.

 Zoho’s offerings are so complete that it is possible for Zoho software to literally be the “operating system for business” as their tagline says.

As a Zoho Authorized Partner, First Direct Corporation is here to address another fundamental factor in your success – how to configure and deploy Zoho applications in the way that best suites your business needs.

First Direct’s Zoho CRM Certified Administrators are dedicated to helping Zoho customers Turn CRM Software into a System!  First Direct Corporation offers Zoho professional services to help Zoho customers achieve greater results from Zoho CRM software.

All roads lead to CRM but we recommend you start at First Direct!

From evaluating Zoho to purchasing Zoho, implementing Zoho, Zoho training, and ongoing Zoho consultations and other support, First Direct’s Zoho professionals are here to assist you. Contact us today at (845) 221-3800.

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