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Zoho Bigin

Building relationships is the key to converting more leads, repeat business and growing any business, small or large.  The challenge is that many CRM applications come at a cost and with complexity that is difficult for small businesses to handle. Zoho’s new Bigin CRM platform eliminates those challenges.

Zoho Bigin value is unbeatable!

Zoho Bigin is a Customer Pipeline Management Solution designed specifically for small businesses. It is a simple-yet-powerful CRM tool that provides the right set of tools to help small companies engage prospects, provide faster and better service to customers, and close more deals.


Zoho Bigin Overview:

Zoho Bigin Overview

Bigin contains tools, customizations, and automation features that focus specifically on lead-to-deal conversions. It offers a streamlined approach to customer relationship management that you can use to build everlasting relationships with your potential customers.

Here are the three ways to use Bigin to improve customer relationship

 Stay Connected across multiple channels

I. Stay Connected Across Multiple Channels

Communicating with leads and prospects at every touchpoint is important. Telephone is one of the most important mediums of communication between customers and businesses. Email, social media, and websites are other important channels for communication.

With that in mind, you can utilize Bigin built-in telephony and email features for a smoother and effective communication experience. With Bigin, you can stay connected with leads and customers across four channels.

1. The built-in telephony system enables your sales reps to make calls to prospects and update records automatically. It has Log a Call functionality to help you record details of outbound and inbound calls, such as call duration, date and time of calls, notes, names, etc.

Configure Social Media with Bigin

2. Among all social media platforms, Twitter is the most effective customer service channel. Bigin allows you to configure your Twitter profile inside the tool. To set up your Twitter channel in Bigin, follow these steps:

• Go to Setup > Social

• Click Connect a Twitter Profile

• Enter the email address and password

• Once authentication is done, you can add permission levels

• Click + Profile. Checkbox the profile you wish to add. Click Add

Connecting Twitter Profile

After connecting your Twitter profile, you can send a tweet or message to any record through your Bigin tool and record the data for future references.


3. Email is a major mode of communication for all small and large businesses. You can configure your Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) account with Bigin and manage email communication right from this tool. It does not matter whether you use Gmail, Zoho Mail, Office 365, or other mail, Bigin supports all types of IMAP accounts. Bigin has built-in email templates, customize them, and send to multiple recipients. Zoho’s new CRM system for small businesses also provides Email Insights to help your salespeople a clear picture of the performance of their email campaigns.

Signal Feature in Bigin

4. The Signals feature in Bigin notifies you every time an action has been taken by your leads, such as email clicks, Twitter mentions, new comments, ticket overdues, and more. Your sales team can contact them immediately, listen to their problems on social media, or resolve their complaints to increase chances of conversion. To enable this feature,

• Go to Setup > Channels. Click Signals.

• Checkbox the Signals you want notifications for. Click Save.

II. Use Zoho Meetings inside Bigin to Get Closer to Customers

 Zoho Meetings inside Bigin

At the time when the entire world is operating remotely, conducting face-to-face meetings is not feasible anymore. Online meetings, video conferences, and online presentations are a great way to interact with leads, understand their needs, promote your products/services to them, educate new customers on how to use your service, conduct webinars, and engage them in a 1-to-1 conversation.

Bigin comes with a plug-and-play integration feature for Zoho Meetings. All you need to do is go to the Settings section, click Integrations. Click Zoho Meetings and then Setup Now. You will be direct to the Zoho Meeting page, click Activate. From creating and scheduling an online event, inviting participants to saving event details, you will get all these features in Bigin by integrating Zoho Meetings.

Use Email Campaigns in Bigin to Drive Engagement

III. Use Email Campaigns in Bigin to Drive Engagement

Email marketing is one of the most powerful drivers of customer engagement. In Bigin, you can integrate Zoho Campaigns to design customized campaigns that drive higher engagement and improve results. Once you integrate Campaigns with Bigin, you can sync your contacts immediately and start to send email campaigns to these contacts. Use Child Campaigns to send follow-up emails to recipients based on the actions they have taken in your previous campaign. Track and analyze email campaign performance to optimize your marketing strategy.

If you need Bigin-Zoho Campaigns integration support, contact First Direct Corp.

Use Web Forms to Improve Customer Experience

IV. Use Web Forms to Improve Customer Experience

Customer experience is the ‘holy grail’ of building strong 1-to-1′ relationship. Focusing on the design and UX of web forms can ensure they deliver the best possible customer experience. With Bigin, create web forms the way you want and embed them to your website. As soon as the customers fill these forms, your Bigin account will capture all details and you can take the next steps.

Plus Bigin

Plus, Bigin is fully mobile. So your sales reps can communicate with customers from anywhere, anytime without any delay. No matter which platform they use, customers want instant replies to their queries. Use Bigin’s mobile apps to stay connected, build relationships, and convert more leads.


Zoho Bigin isn’t just a sales pipeline management system. It is designed to increase your sales opportunities by improving relationships with customers. With a built-in telephony system, seamless integration with Zoho Meetings and Zoho Campaigns, and the ability to design and embed your own web forms, Zoho Bigin lets you engage prospects in a whole new way, strengthen the bond with them, and close more deals.

Zoho Bigin can be implemented easily and economically. You can get up and running in minutes.  Want to know more about Zoho BIGIN?

First Direct Corp is a Zoho Authorized Partner.  Contact us for Zoho BIGIN or the other CRM applications we offer. Call us at (845) 221-3800.

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