Bring Zoho Mail and Zoho CRM Together and Close More Deals

Email is the most prevalent medium of direct communication for today.

According to studies, 80% of customers prefer companies to communicate with them via email and only 20% prefer calls and meetings. While live personal interaction is highly effective, it is time consuming and extremely expensive. Email marketing is the most efficient method of lead conversion. It is better at converting leads or prospects than social media channels.

Zoho Mail: Email Marketing

With Zoho Mail, your organization gets a secure, encrypted, and reliable email solution customized for your unique business needs. Zoho Mail comes with enhanced features like professional email addresses, control panel, e-Discovery, and mobile app and integrates with Calendar, Notes, Bookmarks, Tasks, and Contacts within the inbox.

Zoho Mail Enhanced Features

Zoho Mail: Create Event

Zoho Mail provides top-notch security and surveillance, advanced search options, filters, e-signatures, user management, group management, and 2-factor authentication. Zoho Mail’s eWidget integrates 13 applications, including both Zoho products and third-party apps. The eWidget in Mail integrates well with Zoho CRM, Zoho Recruit, Zoho Assist, Zoho Notebook, Zoho Sign, Trello, HubSpot, Giphy, DocuSign, Go To Meeting, Egnyte, Highrise, and PipeDrive.

Zoho’s business email solution is much more than just an inbox. It is your customer database. Storing customer data and conversations in a CRM system would help your salespeople to convert leads better, faster, and smarter.

Without a CRM system in place, your email conversations with leads, prospects, customers and others are hidden away in personal inboxes. Integrating your Email with CRM enables a business to relate and analyze email in the context of the data associated with you CRM contacts.  Zoho Mail with Zoho CRM gives your sales and services team visibility bi-directional visibility between email and contacts.  This produces a clear picture, leads to more effective communications and greater sales. You can literally even view your inbox in the context of a “sales funnel” .

Zoho Mail Conversations

Zoho CRM is the leading choice of all businesses when it comes to managing customer relations, marketing across different channels, tracking leads and customers, and converting leads into customers. That’s why Zoho CRM won Winner of PCMag’s Business Choice Awards for CRM in 2019.

At First Direct Corp, we provide Zoho CRM integration support along with Zoho customization, consultation, training, and other support services for Zoho products including Zoho One, Zoho CRM Plus, Zoho CRM and others. (Zoho has over 45 applications.) We understand how important it is for businesses to keep their emails and CRM details connected.

Zoho CRM + Zoho Mail – The Best Combination

Zoho CRM makes email outreach easier and simpler. Zoho Mail integration with Zoho CRM helps you to centralize all customer information and email correspondence in one place, share the customer-specific emails with your teams within the CRM, send or receive emails from your CRM and email client simultaneously, and associate CRM data to email conversations.

Zoho Mail Integration with Zoho CRM

By integrating Zoho Mail with Zoho CRM, you can view notes and tasks associated with your leads, view CRM info from within the email, and incorporate CRM contact data into your email communications.

Using Zoho Mail with Zoho CRM

# If you have purchased subscriptions for both Zoho Mail and Zoho CRM, the integration is enabled by default in Zoho Mail.

# To proceed with the next steps of adding contacts, leads, events, or notes, login to your Zoho Mail account. Click on the eWidget icon on the bottom-right corner.

Zoho Mail eWidget

# Select Zoho CRM from the menu in the eWidget.

# Click on the email address in the From or To/CC areas to view the CRM information.

# If the email address is not available in your Zoho CRM, you will see the option ‘Add to CRM Contacts/Leads’ in the CRM Info page.

# Provide the necessary details in the fields provided and click Save.

# The email address will be added to your CRM Contacts/Leads page.

 If you want to add Events, Tasks Or Notes to Email Contacts

Zoho Mail: Add Notes

# When a contact is added to your CRM, you can add events, notes, or tasks.

# View the Contact Pop-up by clicking on the Contact in the From and To/CC areas.

# Click “View CRM Info”. If there is no info, you can click Add Task to add a CRM Task to the contact. Similarly, you can also add CRM Note/CRM Event to the Contact

# Your provided task, event or note information will be updated in the CRM database.


If you are using Zoho Mail and Zoho CRM independently, it makes logical sense to integrate the two.  If you have one of those two applications but not the other, it may make great sense to add the other.

Contact First Direct Corp for Zoho CRM integration support. Our Zoho experts can facilitate Zoho CRM integration with Zoho applications as well as external applications. Call us at (845) 221-3800 to or click here to contact us.

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