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Collaboration is the means by which a group of people become an organization which serves a purpose.

Collaboration needs to happen at every level and in every direction.  The better an organization collaborates, both internally and externally, the more likely it is to turn prospects into customers.  And, the longer it will retain customers.


Collaboration leads to more sales and higher customer lifetime value.


Successful collaboration begins with an attitude and mindset – you might say a willingness to communicate and cooperate with others.   Marketing people need sales people, and visa versa. Sales people need customer service people, and visa versa.  Management needs their team, and visa versa.  We all need accounting, and visa versa.  And the administrative staff keeps everything running!


Everyone makes a choice whether to make every effort to work with the others or to undermine them, passively or actively. 


An organization is only as good as the weakest links.  If collaboration breaks down, the organization breaks down.  Individual and overall performance is limited by people’s capacity to collaborate effectively and efficiently.  This is where technology tools, processes, workflow and automation all come into play.  This where Zoho shines!


Zoho’s many applications are designed to dovetail with one another and seamlessly share data.  The attractiveness of ONE vendor rather than multiple vendors and multiple silos of data is a huge advantage for organizations that want to strengthen collaboration.


An entire organization, including all facets, can run on Zoho One. 

Zoho is the “Operating System for Business.” 


Zoho has several applications that are specifically designed to help a business collaborate.  Zoho provides a central console for users and Zoho administrators to access them all.  Every Zoho application has a mobile app to allow for better collaboration on the go.


Here are some specific Zoho applications that are designed to enhance collaboration and a brief description of each:


CRM – Zoho CRM Plus unifies your customer-facing teams with a single all-in-one software and provides them with visibility of every customer interaction. Empower your teams with the technology they need to give your customers a better experience.


Cliq – Zoho Cliq is an internal and external team communication application, featuring text chat and audio/video connectivity.  Cliq is designed to bring your team together and boost workplace productivity.  With Cliq you streamline your communications through Channels.  Channels can be comprised of teams or even organization-wide announcements.  Using Cliq you can also collaborate with clients & customers with external channels. Zoho is proud to have one of the most secure networks in the world. All chat data and files are stored in servers protected by physical and network security.


Connect –  With Zoho Connect an organization can build a community for sharing ideas and information.  Connect offers a means for your firm and customers to stay connected, post messages and comments.  Use feeds in Zoho connect to start a curated conversation about a topic on your network wall that is most relevant to you.  Connect provides a means for you to specify your audience and encourage participation.  Connect is a powerful way to build your brand and customer loyalty.


MarketingHub – A marketing campaign tool is fast becoming an essential for even small to mid-size companies.  The problem is that the competitors in this field are expensive and extremely complex.  Zoho’s MarketingHub’s value can’t be beat.  The functionality of MarketingHub meets the needs of marketing managers today.  Best of all, it is integrated out of the box with Zoho CRM, which makes for more efficient lead flow and greater analytical capabilities.


Motivator – Using the data captured in your CRM, Zoho Motivator gives your organization realtime insights of your sales activities and empowers you recognize and reward achievements.  In fun ways, Motivator, will encourage behaviors that lead to both individual and organizational success.  Motivator turns analytics into a game that your sales users can play.  When they win the game in Motivator – they win in real business ways, and so does the firm.


Workdrive – The name says it.  Workdrive lets you store your documents, spreadsheets and presentations in the cloud.  Workdrive features powerful tools for composing, reviewing, distributing and sharing files with others.  Workdrive is one of the quintessential collaborate applications in the Zoho family of products.


Docs Scanner – Digitizing preserves your documents, saves paper and provides a superior means of sharing and collaborating.  Zoho’s Doc Scanner provide flawless, crisp scans.  Doc Scanner empowers collaboration with features for: sharing, e-sign, OCR, translation, workflows, and more.  This video demonstrates the potential.


Projects – Zoho Projects offers  the functionality of a stand alone project management application,  that is  integrated with Zoho’s family of solutions.  Project managers can define and assign project tasks, and estimate project costs. Follow up on in-progress tasks with Zoho Projects and use built-indashboards and reporting to work smarter.  A resource allocation chart helps planners identify availability and overloads that may create a bottleneck.


Meeting – Meeting is Zoho’s online video conferencing solution.  Meeting competes with names you know in this space, to provide Zoho customers with a solution for hosting meetings, presentations and webinars.   Using any suitable computer, Zoho Meeting users can create secure meetings with a remote audience from any browser.  It just makes sense for Meeting to be among the great collaboration tools that Zoho offers.


Desk – Zoho Desk is a full featured and powerful customer service & support ticketing system that is fully integrated with Zoho CRM.  Zoho Desk is the industry’s first context-aware help desk software that helps businesses focus on the customer. When your customers want to reach out, Zoho desks gives them a variety of channels to do so — email, phone, live chat, social media and more.  Desk features self-help and automation tools to save both your customer and your support staff precious time.  Zoho Desk is trusted by many of the biggest businesses in the world.


Many applications but a common theme.

Zoho offers over 45 applications, each with a specific purpose.  But they are all designed to help organizations share data and enhance collaboration.


Use Zoho’s shared customer database and real-time tools bring every team member together for better customer service. Use Zoho to improve how your organization communicates, collaborates and stay connected.


Zoho’s functionality is smart yet easy. Intuitive yet flexible. Simple yet robust. That’s what makes web-based Zoho CRM Plus an all-in-one customer engagement software that will help your business grow.


Zoho Sales and Support


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