Collaboration Leads to a Unified Consumer Experience with Zoho CRM Plus

Zoho CRM Plus

Collaboration Leads to a Unified Customer Experience, a More Satisfied Customer and a Higher life-time Value


Zoho CRM Plus provides tools for collaboration and the benefit is a Unified Customer Experience.  With Zoho CRM Plus you can:

# Maintain your leads, contacts and accounts activities in Zoho CRM.

# Promote your business with Zoho Campaigns.

# View and engage prospects & customers on your website with SalesIQ and Chat.

# Work as a team through Zoho Projects.

# Integration with Social Media allows you to communicate on multiple channels.

# Enhance customer service and satisfaction with Zoho Desk.

# Powerful Analytics provide views which elevate your data to knowledge for better decision-making.

# Gamify performance goals with Motivator to drive greater productivity

Optimizing the customer Life-time Value is the result of providing a consistent high-quality experience.  This is only possible with organizations that know how to effectively collaborate and have the software tools to do so.


Zoho CRM Plus is an enabler which gives your team the technology to do their job in concert with one another, while seeing to it that the access to information, the ability to delegate, and the power to manage are all full integrated.   Here is a short video about Zoho CRM Plus that explains this.


Organizations on the Zoho CRM Plus platform can depend on one vendor for all the tools they needs.  Zoho’s unmatched scalability and value are complimented by flexible subscription plans that grow with your business as they help your to grow.


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Bob Ritter


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