How to Grow Your Mailing List Using Zoho Campaigns

How to Grow Your Mailing List Using Zoho Campaigns

Studies show that email marketing is still the most economical means to drive new and repeat business.  An organization’s email list is one of it’s most valuable assets. To maximize the return on your asset and the success of your campaigns, you need to:

1. Keep growing your email list

2. Maintain and improve the quality of your list

Keep growing your email list

Email addresses degrade even faster that physical mailing addresses.  Conservative estimates are that 25% of an email list become incorrect per year.  There are several reasons this happens.  As the reader, you can probably guess many of them.

With Zoho’s email marketing application, Zoho Campaigns, firms can build, send, and track email campaigns.  Users can choose from pre-designed templates or create their own.  A Sign-up form Builders integrates requests with your CRM. Analytics and automation tools offer more powerful tools to grow your email list.  Zoho manages opt outs automatically.

Let’s see some of these features:

1. Custom Email Templates

Email marketing is all about sending the right content to the right people at the right time.

Custom Email Templates

People read emails that are enticing and remarkable, both content-wise and design-wise. In Zoho Campaigns, you get a range of free templates for every occasion and different customer segments. From business emails, welcome announcements, birthdays, Zoho Campaigns has all types of templates. View the email template gallery here.

Better designed email with meaningful and relevant content are more likely to be read, responded to and forwarded.  The more targeted your message and value the less likely it is for recipients to unsubscribe.  Personalization can help as well.

2. Custom Sign-up Forms

Sign-up forms embedded on your website, social media channels, or emails will help you collect email addresses of prospective clients. Customers who provide you their contact information are far more likely to respond to future messages and to transact with your business.

Custom Sign-up Forms

A clear “call to action” button leading to a sign-up form will surely lift response.  Zoho Campaigns offers several types of sign-up forms including button form, quick form, embedded form, or URLs redirecting visitors to website sign-up forms. This software also offers the ability to build and embed sign-up forms in your Facebook pages. With Zoho Campaigns’ easy-to-use form editor, you can customize any sign-up form by changing the colors, edit CTAs, and add background images or QR Code to your sign-up forms.

Sign up Form

Build one form and use it on multiple pages of your website. Track the performance of your sign-up form.

If you want people to get excited to sign-up for your services, offers or news, you need to customize sign-up forms according to your target audience, and Zoho Campaigns helps you with that!

3. A/B Testing of Email Campaigns

Not every email campaign will bring good results. Even simple differences in a headline can produce measurably differences in response.  Zoho Campaigns features A/B testing that allows you to compare two versions of an email campaign.  You can test elements such as font, images, subject line, and your call-to Action to determine the best performing campaign – the one which generates the greatest engagement (opens, clicks, etc.).

Testing of Email

Zoho Campaigns also lets you test the list to determine if one audience responds better than another.  These are the basic steps:

Testing of Email

• Select Campaigns option from the navigation bar

• Select Advanced Campaigns. Click Create Campaign

• Go to the A/B Testing category.

• Click Create New and enter a name

• Select from one of the three options – Sender, Subject, and Email Content

• Choose the percentage of people who will receive the two sets of a campaign

• Select from these three options to decide the winning template – Open Rate, Click Rate, and Manual

• Enter the test duration

• Click Next.

• Enter the subject line for both versions or sender details for both campaigns.

• Select the sender email address and add a reply-to email address for the recipients

• Click Next

• In the Content page, select from one of these options – HTML & Plain Text or HTML only

• Next choose one option from the following – Templates, Import/Upload, HTML Editor, and Import from the cloud. Click Next

• Select your recipients from the mailing list. Click Proceed

• After review, A/B Test campaigns will be sent to prospects

4.Promote Campaigns on Social Media

A marketing rule of thumb says that consumers make a purchase decision after they encounter a brand for 12 times.  To increase the odds of exposure a marketer needs to combine social media and email marketing to build a strong brand presence. Promote your email campaigns on social media channels to drive engagement and conversions.

Promote Campaigns on Social Media

Zoho Campaigns integrates with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Publish offer links or downloadable content on social media to drive people to provide an email address in order to access them. Track your social media performances in Campaigns.


Email marketing is a cost-effective way to bring new leads, convert early-stage prospects into sales-ready leads, and nurture existing customers. If you’re using Zoho Campaigns to manage your marketing campaigns, you can utilize its unique features to grow your mailing list.

First Direct, a Zoho Authorized Partner, will help you integrate Zoho Campaigns, with your Zoho CRM.  To learn more about Campaigns and how to use it to maximize your campaign results, contact our Zoho experts here.  Click here or call us at (845) 221-3800.

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