How to Use Zoho Cliq to Make Remote Team Collaboration Easier

Zoho Cliq

A Gartner survey reveals that 74% of companies are planning to shift on-site employees to remote work permanently. A Buffer report shows that 99% of employees want to work remotely. This means remote work isn’t just a temporary trend but it is going to become a ‘new normal’ in the business landscape. When your business is operating remotely and your team members are located in different cities, states, countries, and time zones, you need an ideal solution to make remote team collaboration easier for you. Zoho Cliq is the perfect solution that can help you make better real-time team collaboration and get work done faster.

Zoho Cliq is a team communication and collaboration software that organizes and centralizes your conversations to help everyone in a team work more efficiently.

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Cliq is included with Zoho CRM … because CRM is all about team collaboration!

Here’s how you can bring teams, works, and everything else in one place using Zoho Cliq:

1. Conversations using Chats, Audio and Video Calls

Zoho Cliq gives you chat and audio/video calling features to connect with your colleagues, anytime, anywhere. You can type anything, share files you’re discussing, and talk about projects, without having to switch between different apps.

Zoho Cliq Audio Video Calling

How to start a group with your peers?

• Log in to your Cliq account.

• In your dashboard, you will see the Quick Plus icon next to the search bar.

• From the drop-down menu, select Start a Group Conversation.

• A window will open where you can select users for a group chat.
• Select users, write a title for the chat and click Start.

How to start an audio or video call with your teammate?

• When you’re chatting with a user and want to connect via audio or video call, you can easily do that in Cliq.

• In the chat window, you will see a call icon at the top right corner of your screen.

• Hover on the call icon to choose whether you want to start an audio call or video call.

• Or you search the name of the user in the search bar and select the teammate’s name. You will see the profile of the user. Click on a call icon to make a call.

Zoho Cliq Calling

2. Video and Audio Conferences

The Video Conference feature in Cliq allows you to visually connect with 9 members at once. To start a video conference, follow the below steps:

Zoho Cliq Video Call

• If you have a group chat, click on theGroup video call option at the top.

• A Conference window will open. Type the name of the group video discussion and themode – Audio or Video.

• Click the Next button. Set up your camera and microphone to get started.

• Users in the group will be notified of this group call. They can join by clicking on the link in their respective group chat window.

• You can share screen, add reactions, and turn on/off camera/mic.

3. Communication through Channels

Not all communications happen between team members. You need to collaborate with clients, customers, and vendors to get your work done efficiently. Cliq’s Channels feature streamlines communication for individual teams. You can create Channels for each team in your organization and enable better collaboration for higher productivity and better results. There are four levels of channels available in Cliq:

1. Organization Channel: It is for everyone in the company and created for a range of topics. As a creator, you can even create invite-only organization channels.

2. Team Channel: As the name suggests, Team Channel is available only for the members of a team. Each team member can join, view, see, chat, or call each other to discuss anything related to a project, team, or others.

3. Personal Channel: It is informal in nature. You can create this channel to chat with your favorite buddies or gossip about fun things.

4. External Channel: Create an external channel for discussing important things with your vendors, distributors, clients, customers, and more.

4. How to create a Channel?

Create a Channel

• On the Home page of your dashboard, you will find the Channel option on the left pane.

• Click on +Create/Join option next to Channels

• A dialogue box will open, click Create Channel

• Name your channel and select a level

• If you’re selecting Organization or Team as a Channel, then select invite-only and open to participants.

• Search names of users to add them as participants

• You can add a maximum of 100 users

• Write a description for your channel

• Click the Create Channel button

5. PrimeTime for Live Video Streaming

Cliq offers the PrimeTime option to live stream your announcements, presentations, and meetings. You get two modes in paid plans: Assembly Mode and Handshake Mode. In Assembly Mode, a user can start a session as a host and other participants will be listeners. You can add 10,000 participants for making announcements, sharing updates, accomplishments, and more. Handshake Mode is a video group chat that allows two people – Host and Co-host – to talk with colleagues in channels, groups, and the entire organization.

How to start a PrimeTime?

• Click on  “+” icon next to Search Bar

• Start PrimeTime

• Choose from the two modes of Primetime – Handshakeor Assembly

• Select where you want to host your PrimeTime, such as Channel, Group, Chats, etc.

• Write the name of the topic for your PrimeTime

• Click on the Nextbutton

• Choose the preferences for your microphone and camera

• Click on the Start Session button to launch your session

• Only a Host can end the session by clicking on the Endbutton displayed on the screen

6. Bots for Automating Tasks

Bots for Automating Tasks

Zoho Cliq gives you the ability to build your own bots to automate simple workflows. Cliq has already built bots like Taz, which is an in-house personal assistant that saves files, sends invites, and notifies about reminders. Zia is another artificially intelligent assistant bot that helps you handle and manage events.

Apart from the readily available bots in Cliq, you can build your own bots using Zoho’s tech stack. Your customized bots can automate your workflows and work as your personal assistant. The bots that you will build can have quick actionable shortcuts, provide you suggestions based on the context, collect data and perform actions, and make announcements to your tea

How to subscribe Zoho Cliq

How to subscribe to a bot in Cliq?

• On your dashboard, you will find the Bots tab in the left sidebar. There is a (+) sign next to

• Click the Plus icon and you will see a popup window

• Hover on a bot you want to subscribe

• Click on the Subscribe button to use that bot

• To unsubscribe any bot, click on the + icon next to Bots. You will find all your subscribed bots. Click on the Unsubscribe button below your chosen bot to unsubscribe the bot

7. Zoho Cliq Integrations

Zoho Cliq integrates with many Zoho apps and third-party apps. Zoho Cliq integrates with Zoho CRM for better collaboration with your sales team, Zoho Books for better managing billing activities and payments, Zoho Subscriptions for monitoring your business’ health, Zoho Invoice for sharing your invoices and estimates one chats, Zoho Expense for submitting and approving expense reports, and Zoho Inventory for better managing inventory levels and order status.

Zoho Cliq integrates with third-party apps like Google Drive, Mailchimp, Zendesk, Box, Whereby, Bitbucket, Dropbox, Meetup, Eventbrite, and more.

First Direct Corp can help you integrate Cliq with other apps you use every day and discover new ways to improve your workflows. Contact us to know more about our integration services.

Zoho Cliq for Enterprises

Cliq has been built for businesses of all sizes. Whether it is a small business or large enterprise, Cliq is fit for all your communication needs. Zoho has millions of cloud users. The company knows the importance of data security. Zoho has protected servers and network security to keep your data and files safe.

Cliq offers enterprise-grade security at various levels including organizational security, physical security, infrastructure security, data security, identity and access control, operational security, incident management, vendor management, and customer controls for security. From permissions, restricted access to password policy, you can rest assured that your employees’ accounts are protected from security threats in Cliq.

To match your organizational structure, organize the workforce in Cliq in an easy way using the admin panel. Customize modules, themes, branding, and domain to reflect your organization’s layout.

Zoho Cliq Pricing – Cliq is included with Zoho CRM. It is also available separately starting at $3.00 per user/month.  Volume discounts start at 11 users and up.  (A free trial is available.)

Cliq’s Unlimited Plan is available as a part of the Zoho One bundle. Zoho One is a powerfully unified ecosystem for businesses of all sizes and industries. That’s why Zoho describes Zoho One as “The Operating System for Business.


Zoho Cliq team collaboration functionality is a must-have: text to audio and video functionality, chatbot capabilities, mobile apps, drag-and-drop sharing, deep integration, and more. If you have two or more employees, Zoho Cliq will improve how you work together and synergize with your other Zoho applications.

Organizations that use Cliq “Click” better!

First Direct Corp is a Zoho Authorized Partner and has years of expertise in Zoho tools. Our Zoho experts will help you implement Zoho Cliq based on your unique needs and demonstrate to you how to achieve better results from your Zoho tool. Contact First Direct for a demonstration of Zoho Cliq. Call us at (845) 221-3800.

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