It is the Time to Take the Time to Improve

It is the Time to Take the Time to Improve

Let’s use the New Year spirit as good a motivation to improve our use of CRM technology. So we achieve better results and greater prosperity.  Where should we begin?  That’s the question I want to address in this blog post.


The answer to that question can be summed up in well-known business phrases.  It’s referred to as “Sharpening the Saw” and “Working on the business, rather than In business.”  It simply amounts to stepping back from the day-to-day operations to rethink  the ways your people operate.


In doing so we  have to consider our business at multiple levels:

  • Mission
  • Goals & Objectives
  • Strategic and Tactical Approaches
  • The Tools we utilize to perform the business of the business


Alignment from top to bottom and from bottom to top is the basis for the synergy which both defines and empowers an organization competitively in the market place.


It doesn’t need to be complicated.  The steps do not require long explanations. In this article I will list three bulleted areas to focus on:

Begin where your database began – revisit your configuration.  Consider your forms fields, lookup lists, etc…  Administering Zoho requires rights/access to go into your system’s “Setup” where such modifications can be made.  From there your Zoho Administrator can control all aspects of your system.  But having the “right” to do so is one thing, and having a plan or idea for the specific types of changes and improvements to make requires a greater and deeper understanding of the potential of your Zoho system combined with an intimate knowledge of your own business’s needs and processes.

Think Strategcially about the Use of you of your System – Zoho offers possibly the most robust set of business applications in the world for operating your business.  It truly can be the “Operating System for Business.”  Zoho’s developers have created over 40 software solutions which are calling for you to apply them to help you operate BETTER, SMARTER and FASTER!

operating system for business

Skill Building and Training Zoho CRM and the various other applications available under the Zoho CRM Plus and Zoho One bundles are all only has good to any organization as that organization is able to apply them.  They are the tools by which your organization can gain a competitive advantage.  Therefore, building up your team’s ability to apply and use them is a direct path to greater success.


As with any plan to design and implement a multi-tiered system, one that will impact all levels of your organization from the C-level to your sales & marketing management, to department administrative staff, the devil is in the details.  Make sure there is alignment between each level, so the entire organization plays from the “same sheet of music,” is no small challenge.  Here are a few suggestions to help you succeed at the endeavor:

Set realistic expectations including timeframes

Get help from experts

Invest the resources (people, time, and money)


As you might expect, as a Zoho Authorized Partner, First Direct Corporation has skills and resources that firms canapply  to augment their in-house capabilities.  We are pleased to partner with organizations in the USA, to help them acheive greater results from Zoho applications.  Contact us to explore forming a working relationship.  Call us (845)221-3800.

Bob Ritter


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