Measuring Marketing Success with Zoho CRM

Measuring Marketing Success with Zoho CRM

How Do You Spell Success?   The answer is you don’t spell it, you measure it.  Most of us have heard the old management adage “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”  The same notion applies to marketing.

Fortunately, thanks to Zoho CRM software and Zoho’s database functions such as Zoho reporting, Zoho Analytics and Zoho dashboards, marketers are in a better position to measure their success, and adjust accordingly.

Marketing Goals with Zoho

Here are ten metrics worth analyzing to measure your marketing success:

1. Changes in your website traffic

2. # of new visitors to your landing page

3. Average time visitors spend on your site

4. Increase in your subscriber’s list

5. Growth of your social media follower base

6. The rise in your organic traffic

7. Number of new leads

8. Percentage of sales to qualified leads

9. Number of deals closed

10. Value of the deals brought in

In order to “hit your numbers” your business needs to bring all marketing channels to bear including but not limited to:

# Email

# Social Media

# Website

Here again Zoho applications can be applied.  Zoho Campaigns, Zoho Marketing Hub, Zoho Social and Zoho SalesIQ.

Marketing alone is often sufficient to make your numbers.  Many organizations need the sales team to convert leads into opportunities and closed sales. That’s why all Zoho’s marketing applications are integrated with it’s core Zoho CRM application.

Zoho CRM provides your sales team with a competitive advantage.  From greater productivity with workflow features including automation and even advanced artificial intelligence features which assist your salespeople. Zoho’s basic to advanced capabilities empower your sales people while helping them to seamlessly collaborate with marketing and sales team members.

First Direct Corp, a Zoho Authorized Partner with 25+ years of CRM consulting experience can help your organization to leverage Zoho’s application in order to market, sell and service better.   Contact us today either online or by calling (845) 221-3800.

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