Migrate from Salesforce to Zoho CRM

Migrate from Salesforce to Zoho CRM

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about migrating from Salesforce to Zoho CRM.

Q: Is migrating from Salesforce to Zoho CRM complicated?

A: One might think migrating from one CRM system to another is a complicated and expensive endeavor. However, with Zoho CRM this is NOT the case. Zoho CRM has a built-in data migration tool specifically designed to move your Salesforce data into Zoho CRM, removing the pain from the process.


Q: Can you explain the migration process?

A: Here’s a brief overview of how the Salesforce to Zoho CRM data migration works:

  1. Download your Salesforce data to a single zip file
  2. Upload Salesforce data zip file to Zoho
  3. Map your Modules
  4. Map your Fields
  5. Review
  6. Click GO!


Q: What modules can be migrated from Salesforce to Zoho CRM?

A: Users, Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Deals, Campaigns, Notes, Activities (Tasks, Events, Calls), Attachments, Competitor, Cases, Solutions, Products, Quotes, Sales Orders, Invoices, Purchase Orders, Vendors, and Price Books


Q: What if I have custom modules in my Salesforce instance?

A: No problem. Custom modules can be created and mapped on-the-fly within Zoho CRM’s data migration tool.


Q: What if we’ve added custom fields to our Salesforce modules?

A: Also not a problem. Within the Zoho CRM data migration tool, custom fields can be mapped to either existing Zoho CRM fields, or you can easily create new fields on-the-fly for mapping.


Q: How do we know that the migration was successful?

A: Zoho CRM’s data migration tool has many features to help you keep your data migration on track. The migration tool will tell you:

  • If there are any data/structural issues with your upload file.
  • What percentage/number of Modules you’ve mapped.
  • What percentage/number of Fields you’ve mapped.
  • The results of the migration via a post-migration report
  • It saves your migration settings if you need multiple runs
  • One-click “undo” if you want to remove the imported data and try again!


Q: How much does the Zoho CRM migration tool cost?

A: Nothing. The migration tool is FREE with your Zoho CRM/Plus/One subscription.


Q: Is Zoho CRM’s data migration tool included in the trial version?

A: Yes! You can migrate your Salesforce data into Zoho CRM even before you decide to start your paid Zoho CRM subscription.


Q: Ok, this all sounds great. Anything else we should consider when migrating?

A: Besides the migration of your Salesforce data, you should also consider these other aspects of your migration process:

  • Reports and Dashboards – What Salesforce reports and dashboards will need to be created in Zoho CRM?
  • Third-party Apps and Services – If you are integrating Salesforce with any 3rd party apps or services, check to see if Zoho CRM has similar integration options. It probably does!
  • Custom Workflows and Functions – If you have any custom automation setup in Salesforce, you’ll want to map out how to get it done within Zoho CRM.


Q: What if we need help with our Salesforce to Zoho CRM migration?

A: Have no fear! Your Zoho CRM subscription includes free 24/5 support with Zoho’s technical support team. However, for a more tailored Zoho CRM “onboarding” experience, you may call on our professional services here at First Direct. From project planning, to data migration, to end-user and admin training… We can help you along every step of the way!

We can help you plan your escape for a smooth migration from Salesforce to Zoho CRM.