Migrating from GoldMine to Zoho CRM

Migrating your GoldMine data into Zoho CRM may at first seem like a daunting task. Exporting your data from GoldMine and then importing it into Zoho CRM can range from relatively easy to a long drawn-out process. With a few tips and the offer of our professional assistance, we are here to make things easier for you.

First, decide what data you REALLY need to migrate, and what data you can live without. Do you really need 15 years’ worth of notes and history? Do you need to migrate your future calendar activities brought over for you? Yes, it is possible to bring most, if not all, of your data from GoldMine to Zoho CRM. However, more data means more time, more money, and more to go wrong. Find a balance between “mission critical” and “nice to have”.

Overall Migration Process

The overall process goes something like this: Export various data-areas of GoldMine into individual CSV files. (example: Companies.csv, Contacts.csv, History.csv, Opportunities.csv, etc…)

Then use Zoho CRM’s Data Migration tool to upload the CSV files, map the data to modules/fields, and have the Data Migration tool process the migration.

This may sound fairly straight-forward, but there are several pitfalls to watch out for. But don’t worry, we, as your certified ZOHO CRM consultants, can help you!

Here Are Some Tips For Data Migration:

  • Your best bet is to try to migrate everything in ONE shot. While you can import say just companies, then contacts, then Opportunities, etc… to really get the most out of the Migration Tool in Zoho, do it all at once.
  • Be aware of required fields. Companies must have a company name. Contacts must have a last name.
  • Phone fields – GoldMine uses Phone1, Phone2, Phone3… but Zoho has phone fields: Phone, Mobile, Other, etc… The mapping can be tricky.
  • A GoldMine company/contact record holds both a company’s info and a person’s info. Zoho CRM hold Company and Contact data in completely separate modules (tables).

How We Can Help

First Direct Corporation is a Zoho Authorized Partner as well as a Premier GoldMine Partner. So we have extensive experience with BOTH systems. Each CRM has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Truth is, we have experience migrating data in both directions, both from GoldMine to Zoho CRM and from Zoho CRM to GoldMine. Whatever direction you’d like to go, I’m sure our certified ZOHO CRM professionals can help.