Moving from GoldMine to Zoho? Points to Consider

Moving from GoldMine to Zoho? Points to Consider

Moving from one CRM application to another comes with challenges.  As an Authorized Partner for both GoldMine and Zoho, we at First Direct Corp have experienced and worked through all of them.  Here are major considerations.

1. Why Migrate – Chasing technology is a costly and frustrating maneuver.  Every application has its pros & cons. Generally speaking, I discourage firms from switching their CRM unless there are tangible reasons for the investing the time, money, aggravation, learning curve, let alone the lost productivity as the organization comes back up to speed.  There needs to be a solid justification for the move.  Too often I see emotions, misconceptions, confusion, unrealistic expectations and egos get in the way of sound decision-making.  Be clear about the benefits of a change.  Validate expectations.  The case for a move from GoldMine to Zoho can be made depending on your needs for the features/functions in Zoho that are important and not found in GoldMine.

2. How to Migrate – To put it very simply, migration from one CRM to another is a matter of:

a. Recreating your Users and Profiles (Role, Rights, etc.)

b. Determine which data is essential to carry over.  What’s worth migrating from GoldMine is an important decision that should not be made too hastily.  Data left behind is much more difficult to bring over in the future.  By the same token, it is smart not to invest time and money migrating needless information.

c. Mapping data from one location to the other using the export capabilities from the data source (GoldMine) to the import capabilities of the target/destination database (Zoho).  The database tables and structure in GoldMine and Zoho do NOT match up.  If one lacks the knowledge and experience with EITHER GoldMine’s OR Zoho’s database, the task of the migration is much more difficult.  Experience with doing a GoldMine to Zoho migration is extremely helpful.  When it comes to data migration and manipulation, there is a lot to be said for getting it right the first time!  See “Migrating from GoldMine to Zoho.

3. CRM software applications do NOT come customized to your needs, business processes, workflow rules, security requirements, etc. You’ll need to configure your Zoho system before the migration can be made.  Chances are you’re not looking to entirely mirror your GoldMine configuration, even if you could.  Translating the way you’ve done things in GoldMine into how you’re going to do them in the future in Zoho is why an Authorized Partner with experience on both platforms is valuable.

4. You are Buying a Company Not Just a Product – Know the company behind the product. Form a relationship with an Zoho Authorized Partner.  First Direct Corporation is a fully Authorized Zoho Partner with 25+ Years of CRM Experience helping organizations turn CRM software into a CRM system which augments business processes, empowers greater teamwork, and generates a Return Of Investment (ROI).

 If your organization is contemplating switching from GoldMine to Zoho, please give us  a call at First Direct (845) 221-3800 x 101.  We supply Zoho as well as the expertise and professional assistance to help you with your decision, your move and your future usage.


Bob Ritter


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