Social CRM: How Zoho Helps You Generate Leads & Sales from Social Media

Social CRM refers to the deployment of customer relationship management (CRM) tools over social media. It differs from traditional CRM. Traditional CRM software collects and manages static data collected from online and offline sources. Social CRM is omnichannel, diffusive, and transactional. It uses advanced algorithms and statistical models to define, organize, label, track, and monitor unstructured data derived from social channels.

Social CRM

Zoho CRM is the best social CRM based on social media management features, ease of use, and cost. You can manage your social interactions and contacts and track customer conversation history with Zoho’s integrated social media CRM.

A recent study has found that every 10% increase in social media output results in a 7% increase in brand awareness and a 4% increase in customer satisfaction.

Zoho's Integrated Social Media CRM

More than 3 billion people around the world use social media. Every business needs a social media presence to increase brand awareness, enhance engagement, and boost leads and sales. Zoho social CRM integrates with your social media networks and leverage customers’ social information to understand and engage customers in a better way.

Zoho CRM’s Social Tab lets you integrate your Twitter and Facebook accounts with Zoho CRM. With social media integration in Zoho CRM, you can monitor your customers’ interaction with your brand and other social media activities. With Zoho’s social CRM, you can:

Zoho CRM's Social Tab

# Monitor likes, favorites, comments, tweets, retweets, shares, and messages in your Twitter and Facebook accounts

# Engage with the customers who commented, liked, shared or tweeted on your profile.

# Search about relevant topics on Twitter and check what your competitors are doing on Facebook through the Social tab.Zoho Social: Automatic Lead Generation

# Add prospects from social media as deals, tasks or notes to the CRM

# Automatically convert social activities as leads and ask your sales team to reach out to them

# Notify your customer-facing team about customer interactions in real-time so that they can serve them better

# Customer communication on social media can be shared via email, live chat, and phone calls

# Follow trends, topics, and keyword talked about by your prospects and competitors on Twitter with keyword tracking in the Monitor Tab.

Understanding the Social Tab in Zoho CRM

There are four components under the Social Tab in Zoho CRM.

Social Tab in Zoho CRM

1. Dashboard – It has two tabs – Conversations and Messages. Conversations tab displays comments, posts, likes, tweets, retweets, and mentions from Twitter and Facebook. Messages tab displays replies and private messages. You can add network, brand, and module filter in these two tabs under the Dashboard.Zoho CRM Social Tab

2. Monitor – You can view all interactions and conversations under the Monitor tab. It lets you add columns for different social media activities – likes, mentions, timeline feeds, keyword research, etc. – for different social channels.Zoho Social Monitor Tab

3. Post – This tab displays all the posts from Twitter and Facebook and lets you reply, tweet, share and comment on these posts. You can even publish posts with images (5MB image size in Twitter and 25MB in Facebook).

4. Activity Log – It displays the recent activities performed by you on social media. You can check the status of Facebook posts, replies to tweets, posting comments, etc.


To add a new lead to Zoho CRM, fo to the Dashboard tab > click Conversations

Zoho CRM Brand Settings

1. Bring your mouse pointer over a social media post and click +Add to CRM

2. You can either associate the lead with existing details by searching the contacts or add it as a new lead/contact by specifying the details

3. Finally, click ‘Save’

How to integrate Facebook and Twitter to the Social Tab in Zoho

To add a Facebook page

# Log in to your Zoho CRM using details with Administrator privileges

# Go to Setup > Channels > Social

# Click Brand Settings > Create New Brand

# Enter name, description and click Create

# Now again go to Setup > Channels > Social

# Select a Brand and click Add Account

Integrate Facebook with Social Tab in Zoho

# In the Facebook popup, specify the login details for your company’s Facebook account

# Click LogIn

In case you are logged in to your Facebook account outside of Zoho CRM, you will be prompted with a message – “You are already logged in as [user]”. You can click Continue as the same user or change details.

 Authorize Zoho Social to use your Account

To add a Twitter Account

# Log in to Zoho CRM as an Administrator and then go to Setup > Channels > Social

# Select a Brand and click Add Account

# Specify the login credentials for your company’s Twitter account in the Twitter popup

# Click ‘Authorize App’. After authorization is complete, you will be directed back to Zoho CRM


Zoho’s Social Tab helps you connect silos and bring together direct and indirect communication in one place. By integrating the social data into your CRM, you can go a step further and make customer engagements more meaningful. By combining the power of social media with Zoho CRM,  you can increase brand exposure, expand your reach, engage with prospects better, and convert leads faster.

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