The Increasing Value of Your Zoho Subscription

The Increasing Value of Your Zoho Subscription
Before SaaS: What am I getting for my software maintenance?
After SaaS: What am I getting for my subscription?
If you don’t see a difference you don’t have Zoho! 

The Internet has changed the way software companies deliver their applications and the way users access them.  The software world has moved from the “maintenance” model to the “subscription.”  Software as a Service (SaaS) as it is called is the way of the world.

Obviously a software subscription includes the permission to use the software and application updates which are delivered automatically.  With Zoho the subscription also includes free technical support.

Consumers trying to make a SaaS selection will compare features versus cost between the various options in the space they are looking.  This is a pretty straight forward value comparison.

There’s ample evidence of the value of a subscription to Zoho CRM , Zoho CRM Plus and Zoho One.  Zoho CRM has won tremendous awards, reviews and accolades for its products and its support.  Customer satisfaction for Zoho CRM is the highest in the industry and Zoho has the lowest “churn” in the CRM space. Churn is the rate of customers stopping their subscription.

Choose Zoho for what you get now and in the future!

Perhaps the most compelling reason to choose Zoho is the improvements and advancements their developers are continually making to Zoho applications.  The pace of Zoho product development is stunning.  Annoucements about enhancements, new features and changes to make Zoho applications easier to use and more responsive are a regular occurrence.

With many software companies it is frustrating to wait for improvements and they are often disappointing when they come out.  With Zoho, one wonders how to keep up with all the great news.

For example, the week of this blog post Zoho One received a major update.  There were three new OS-level services, a new app and several other features.  Again, Zoho product announcements are a frequent occurrence! 

When the all-inclusive Zoho One suite was launched it had 35+ apps. Today it has over 45+ apps along with a ton of new OS-wide services and other improvements.
Zoho ApplicationThe Value of Zoho Increases Over Time!

The value of Zoho keeps increasing.  As a business expands its usage of Zoho application the benefits to the business increase too. Since Zoho has maintained the SAME original price point, which is also the lowest in the industry, your Return on Investment are increasing as well!

How is this possible?  There are many reasons but I personally believe it boils down to one reason – The Mission of Zoho. 

Zoho’s mission is to democratize the use of its applications so that businesses are able to run the latest, most sophisticated technology available in an easy-to-use form at an unbelievably affordable price.

What are you waiting for?  Start a Zoho Free Trial Today!

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