The Operating System for Your Business in the New World

The Operating System for Your Business in the New World

With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing businesses to operate remotely, we are wondering what the post-pandemic workplace will look like. The office environment will be radically different from what we knew before. With mass quarantines and complete lockdowns, the outbreak will alter both our psychology about the workplace and change the traditional office typology.

Today’s successful businesses understand that they must be able to function as well virtually with a remote workforce as they have in the past when their employees needed to be physically present to do their jobs. More businesses and individuals are discovering that people working remotely can be as or more productive.

We are very fortunate that technology exists to enable to businesses, staffs and consumers to make the transition to a post covid-19 world. First Direct and our Zoho customers are prepared to operate online using Zoho’s cloud  tools and applications.

From sales, marketing, finance, accounting, IT, recruitment, training, etc. Zoho’s suite of 45+ applications provides a powerfully unified ecosystem for businesses of all sizes.  Or as Zoho describes itself, “The Operating System for Business.”

Zoho’s bundle of web and mobile applications provide a collaborative workspace for your business that is secure and productive.

Zoho’s app layer, platform layer, and service layer create a digitally-enabled environment that is not bound by traditional office spaces. In a new world which demands ways of doing business and working remotely, Zoho is a solution that is ahead of the world.

With Zoho an entire office, all departments, can work smarter and grow faster, whether they are at shared premise or in multiple remote locations, from home or otherwise!

The Operating System for Your Business When You’re Operating Remotely

Zoho One puts together all the applications that your company needs to run its operations (finance, recruiting, and HR apps); enable employees to work collaboratively (office suite, meetings, personal productivity, and collaboration apps) and acquire and serve its customers (marketing, sales, and support apps). It even includes custom solutions that help you customize your apps, integrate tools to automate business, and manage existing workflows.

The Operating System for Your Business When You’re Operating Remotely

If you have an Internet connection, you can take your office where you want with Zoho One’s integrated and custom solutions. Let’s take a look at the three layers of Zoho One which make it the operating system of choices.

Zoho One – App Layer

Zoho One brings a number of both integrated and customizable apps for every operation and process in your company.

Zoho One - App Layer

Regardless of a person’s role with the organization or whether they are operating remotely doesn’t have to bring data silos. When you use integrated business systems,  you can automate processes and store data in a single repository. Even if you and your teams are located far away from each other, you can work together as a team using Zoho One because the information will be accessible to your entire organization.

Even if you use different computer systems, different browsers, and different times, you can still get your work done with 100% accuracy, privacy, security, and greater visibility. These are the applications that come with Zoho One.

1. Remote-Ready Zoho CRM: To automate your sales and marketing operations

2. SalesInbox: To organize emails and use sales data to close more deals

3. ContactManager: To manage contacts, track tasks, and view notes and emails

4. MarketingHub: To automate marketing processes for better growth

5. Zoho Campaigns: To run and manage email campaigns

6. Zoho Social: To better manage your social media marketing campaigns and channels

7. Survey: Create your own surveys and get feedback from your customers easily

8. Forms: A intuitive form builder to create and customize your forms, configure email notifications, and analyze the performance

9. Zoho Sites: Use pre-built templates to build your own site, no matter what type of business you want to start

10. Zoho PageSense: It lets you track the performance of your site, optimize it, and engage visitors in a better way

11. SalesIQ: Connect with visitors in real-time with online live chat, and track and engage visitors by assigning follow-up tasks on Zoho CRM

12. BackStage: Manage conferences, meetings, meetups, and product launches efficiently

13. Desk: A customer support tool that helps you deliver omnichannel services and offer 24/7 support without a global team

14. Zoho Assist: Your remote access software that helps you set-up a remote IT desk for customers sitting in any location

15. Zoho Cliq: Organize virtual company-wide meetings, conduct video broadcasting for teams, do video calls with screens sharing, and even create chatbots for customer support.

16. Zoho Mail: You get secure, encrypted, and privacy-guaranteed mail hosting server with Mail

17. Zoho Projects: Plan, track, and collaborate on projects from anywhere

18. Zoho Sprints: Manage your agile projects with scrum boards

19. Zoho Connect: It provides a private network for your entire organization to discuss ideas, tasks, and projects

20. Zoho ShowTime: Provide online training to your employees or customers from anywhere

21. Zoho Meetings: Conduct web conferencing and webinars for all your employees right from your browser

22. BugTracker: Do you build software products? Provide quality digital solutions by fixing bugs fast using Zoho BugTracker

23. WorkDrive: Create, edit, and share files with teams in real-time.

24. Zoho Writer: Create, edit, and share documents together with your team

25. Zoho Sheet: Build spreadsheets collaboratively with your team

26. Zoho Show: Create presentations online together with remote team

27. Zoho Docs: Store and manage all your documents in one place

28. Zoho Notebook: Take notes during meetings or presentations and use them directly on other Zoho apps

29. Zoho Sign: When you’ve set-up a digital business while operating remotely, no need to worry about signing important documents. Securely sign and send your documents from anywhere with Zoho Sign.

30. Zoho Vault: For securing team passwords

31. Zoho Books: Handle every aspect of your accounting and financial health of your company

32. Zoho Invoice: Generate professional invoices and get paid faster with Zoho Invoice

33. Zoho Expense: Create expense reports and get approvals faster

34. Zoho Checkout: Get your payments online from anywhere

35. Zoho Subscriptions: If you provide subscription-based services, manage them easily and get paid on time with Zoho Subscriptions.

36. Zoho Inventory: It is order fulfillment and inventory control software that provides end-to-end tracking, from shipping to warehouse to delivery

37. Zoho People: Your remote teams are located in diverse location but you can manage their attendance, time schedules, and appraisals in one place.

38. Zoho Recruit: Whether you are hiring a new person from another country for your company or you own a staffing agency, you can source, hire, and manage candidates with ease using Zoho recruit.

39. Zoho Creator: Build custom solutions for your unique business processes.

40. Zoho Analytics: This BI and data analytics software lets you visualize and identify the health and performance of your employees and business

41. Zoho Flow: This tool helps you automate all your business tasks, connect all apps, and create an efficient business flow.

42. Zoho Orchestly: Automate, manage, and optimize your routine business workflows

An amazing thing about Zoho One is that apart from providing cloud-based apps for your business, it also includes complimentary mobile apps for Android and iOS devices, so your team can take their work with them where they want to.

Zoho One – Service Layer

Zoho One Services enhance the functionality of your web and mobile apps available within the operating system. You get more value from these apps and increase your productivity level with the convenience of Zoho’s smart services. How Zoho One Services help you?

Zoho One Services

Zia, the Zoho Intelligent Assistant, helps you keep your data clean, up to date, and secure.  It helps you build intelligent data-driven reports and engage with customers through AI chatbots.

To make better decisions, you need insightful and valuable reports. With Zoho One’s business intelligence tools and Zia support, you can create reports to know the health and performance of each employee, department, process, and department.

Zoho Reports

You get a unified search option with Zia Search. By identifying data sensitivity and permissions set by you, your employees using Zoho One apps get to search anything in emails, reports, records, and files, without wasting time.

When operating remotely, you need a unified messaging platform for your entire organization. Whether you prefer text-based chat for individuals or audio and video calling for teams and groups, Zoho One gives you that through Zoho Cliq.

If you use a telephony system for business communication and want to continue with that, Zoho One has partnered with PhoneBridge to integrate your phone system into Zoho One.

To make Zoho One usage and adoption easier across your organization, you get a single admin dashboard to monitor user activity, track app usage, and manage resources. Set up an SAML-based SSO authentication to provide one-sign-in for all apps to your teams.

Zoho One – Platform Layer

Every business is unique and has unique needs. Zoho One provides you a platform with no code, low code, developer tools to create your own apps and integrate existing systems with Zoho One apps.

Zoho One provides you Deluge, a low scripting language, to build your own software or apps.

Process automation is possible with Orchestly and workflow integration can be done through Zoho Flow.


Build custom web and mobile apps with Zoho Creator without thinking about servers, infrastructure, or buying licenses for development tools.

Use Sigma to extend the functionalities of your Zoho applications by building widgets and integrating third-party services.

You can leverage Zoho’s cloud infrastructure and development expertise to develop serverless  services for your own business.

Zoho’s cloud infrastructure and development

Zoho One offers a marketplace where you can find and use extensions built by others. Zoho One also has a thriving developer community that you can utilize to build apps, services, and extensions.

Zoho One has 1000+ implementation partners around the world, including First Direct Corporation. They provide you direct training and support to maximize the potential of Zoho One apps, services, and platforms.

Zoho One Price

Zoho One is available for as little as $30 a month per employee. You read that correctly!!  You get all Zoho applications, from CRM to Accounting to Marketing, and much more for $30 per employee! There is no hidden price or forced multi-year contracts. You literally get all features of Zoho One bundle at that price.

Now you can see what Zoho is The Operating System for Business!  Zoho gives you peace of mind with a single administrative console for managing everything at every level. No need to manage multiple software, licenses, and plans. With Zoho One, you get value, centralized administration console, and one bill with an all-in-one licensing model.

How First Direct Can Help You

We work with you to deploy the Zoho One applications across the organization and provide configuration, training, and implementation services. If you want to speak to a Zoho expert about your requirements and how to get started with Zoho One, contact us at (845) 221-3800. Or, share your queries online here.

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