Three Cheers for Zoho CRM

Sometimes CRM gets a bad rap. But the truth of the matter is that sales people, marketing professional and management, all have many reasons to cheer about CRM, especially Zoho CRM.

Give me an A – For Automation. Zoho’s automation features enhance lead management, deal management, contact management, and workflow and processes.

Give me another A – For Analytics. Zoho analytics puts your entire organization in-the-know. The insights and understanding that Zoho provides enable everyone to stay on top of their responsibilities and make better decisions.

Give me another A – For Artificial Intelligence. Zoho’s AI assistant, which is named “Zia” is included with Zoho CRM to help you manage your day-to-day tasks and alert you of important information that it detects about your deals, your contacts, and your calendar. Zia studies you and starts to make predictions to help you sell more.

What’s that spell?  AAA!

Zoho gets all A’s for the ways it can help you grow sales, build customer loyalty and work more productively. Zoho also gets A’s in the Zoho reviews from customers and CRM analysts.

Run Up the Score

With Zoho CRM’s power hitting functionality for:



 Customer Segmentation


 Lead Nurturing


 Google Ad Words Integration


Run the Bases with Zoho's Superior

Run the Bases with Zoho’s superior:

ο – Mobility

ο – Security

ο – Business Process Design

ο – Development Tools


Learn more about Zoho CRM’s features by contacting First Direct Corp for a personal demonstration. Tell us about your business and let’s explore how Zoho CRM and other Zoho applications can help your business to sell more, market better, and service your customers.

Bob Ritter


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