Understanding and Using the New Features in Zoho Writer 6

Zoho Writer is a cloud-based word processor that you can use to create powerful documents for your business. Zoho Writer is one of the applications included in the Zoho Office Suite that also includes Zoho WorkDrive, Zoho Sheet for spreadsheet functions, Zoho Show for presentations.

The new Zoho Writer 6 brings world-class collaboration and document automation features that would make your work easier, no matter where you and your team are located. Whatever your business does and where ever it does it from and whichever device you use, Zoho Writer 6 has been updated with powerful tools for creating, editing, formatting, collaborating, and sharing documents.

Zoho Writer 6 Features

Zoho Writer 6 Table

Understanding Zoho Writer 6 Features in Detail

Zoho Writer End to End Document Automation

1. End-to-end Document Automation

Your business might be wasting precious time and resources on repetitive and manual tasks when creating and editing documents like proposals, contracts, or marketing templates. Document automation can transform your organization into a productive and profitable engine.

Zoho Writer 6 enables you to “templatize” documents that you use daily, generate bulk copies, and send the generated copies to respective authorities for e-Signatures.

Zoho Writer 6 Template

Writer 6 has four templates available to automate your document creation task:

1. Merge template: This template brings data from spreadsheets, CRM, or other apps you use. With document merge and automation features, you can create and send personalized emails, letters, and contracts to multiple users.

2. Sign template: Use this template to send documents for e-signatures and approval. Send documents in bulk for sign collection and track the process. Save the sign templates for future usage.

3. Form-driven template: This template will be generated when a visitor submits a form using Zoho Forms. You can configure any Writer document to work with Zoho Forms. When a user submits a form, Writer will generate a document with the collected data, which you can save or download.

4. Fillable template: If you want a template that can be filled and submitted by others, use this template. This template looks like a pre-printed fillable form with the required fields, unlike a paper that shows blank lines.

Preparing Documents for Merging

2. Deluge Custom Functions

For more complex functions, Zoho Writer 6 comes with a Deluge functions editor that helps you write logic and automate actions in your Zoho application. If you’re using several Zoho apps including Writer, the Deluge custom functions will make difficult tasks easier, like fetching documents, merging fields, sending docs for signing, uploading documents, and much more.

Deluge Custom Functions

Get Documents: This feature enables you to fetch documents from Zoho Writer. This is its syntax.

3. New Formatting and Editing Tools

Zoho Writer 6 gives you new ways of organizing, editing, and formatting your documents with minimum clicks.

Document Navigator

• Restructuring a document is a time-taking process, especially when it is 100 pages long. Use Writer’s Document Navigator to get a view of your entire document and rearrange headings/sub-headings. When you’re working with collaborators, this feature makes it easier for them to search the specific paragraph or title without having to scroll through the entire document.

• Writer 6 makes multi-page editing even easier now. Writer’s new multi-page view enables you to change font size, design, font type, and so much more at once.

Zoho Writer Document

• No need for recreating data from your spreadsheet. On Writer, you will just have to copy-paste the data, choose update data, and the document will automatically update the data based on the corresponding changes in Sheet.

• With Writer, you can now replace an image or a field, just like you do with texts.

• When reviewing a document of your colleague, hide images to make the document look cleaner and save your time while scrolling.

• Check the status of your document, whether it is signed, published, or reviewed along with details about who performed what kinds of tasks using Engagement Insights.

• You can restrict access to documents. If you want private conversations when getting your document reviewed by your colleague, Writer makes that possible. You can have parallel discussions with internal teams and external reviewers in the same document.

Moving Document Content using Document Navigator

4. Interactive Documents

Writer 6 has introduced a flexible, intuitive fillable-document tool that lets you create digitally fillable documents such as surveys, assignments, forms, etc.

Fillable Template

This new interactive document creation tool in Writer is a great PDF form alternative that works across various platforms, integrates with your emails and cloud services, and even works with your word processor. What you can do with this new tool? Read below:

PDF Document

• While creating a document, insert fillable fields like name, address, phone number, and more. You can even create drop-down menus and signature fields.

• Publish the document as a form and send it to the respondents. They can send the filled document to you without affecting your original format. Respondents can download a PDF copy of the filled document to email it to someone else.

• Zoho Writer is integrated with Zoho Sign to let you send filled documents for e-signature and approval.

• Writer is integrated with Zoho WorkDrive as well to help you save filled documents in a folder with the name as they are submitted.

Learn more about how to create interactive documents using Writer in this video:

5. Reduce Customization Time

Customizing documents is faster and easier to Zoho Writer 6. Zoho Writer 6 will reduce those customization issues.

Existing document styles can brought into Zoho Writer 6. You can add your fonts to your library and apply them to all your documents.

6. Zoho Writer Desktop App

Zoho Writer Desktop App

Writer was previously available on Android, iPhone/iPad, and web browser. Zoho Writer now provides installable desktop apps for Windows systems, macOS PCs, and Linux computers. This fully-featured toolkit is free and a great alternative to your word processor software. It even works offline. If you’ve no Internet connection, continue editing and creating documents; your offline works will be synced to your online account once you’re reconnected to the Internet.

Zoho Writer Pricing

Zoho Writer can be purchased separately and the pricing is extremely reasonable, starting as low as $2.00 per user per month billed annually to $8/user/month billed annually for the Enterprise Edition. However, Zoho Writer is part of Zoho Office and is included the most popular Zoho business application bundles, like Zoho CRM Plus and Zoho One.


Zoho Writer 6 is a powerful word processor that that is combined with Zoho’s other Office applications. With Zoho Writer 6’s document automation, engagement insights, interactive tools, formatting and organizing features your organization can operate and collaborate in smarter, easier and more efficient ways.

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