Using Advance Search Tools to Find Opportunities

Most of the time when we search in Zoho CRM we are simply looking for a specific identifier for a record in you database such as a company (Account) name or a person’s name.  Such straightforward searches do not require much explanation.

Zoho CRM Advance Search Tools

A search can be started by just entering a value into Zoho’s universal search box up in the top right corner.  Zoho will return all the results broken down by module for everywhere in Zoho CRM database where it locates a match for the value you searched by.

Zoho CRM Database

More Advanced Searches

Within Zoho CRM modules (e.g. leads, contacts, accounts, etc.), Zoho provides a more advanced filter options in a list running down the left margin of the application.

One you select any of the filter check boxes a dialog opens to give you more selections to refine your search.  The result is the ability to be far more creative in how you search your database.

With these advanced search functions in Zoho CRM a user can work smart to identify leads which present opportunities.  Here are some examples of ways you might search:

– Past due activities

– Lack of activity

– Leads with no notes

– Unresponded chats

– No emails sent or received

– Untouched records

Records retrieved through a filter can be acted on individually or as a group.  Zoho CRM has powerful time saving feature for globally assigning sales reps, and more.

With Zoho CRM’s powerful yet simple to use search capabilities users are able to work in smart ways to uncover opportunities.  First Direct Corporation is a Zoho Authorized Partner.  We can show you ways to Use Zoho CRM to gain a work more efficiently, competitive advantage and much more.  Contact us today at (845) 221-3800.



Bob Ritter


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