Winning with Zoho CRM by Increasing Adoption

Winning with ZOHO CRM - Copy

The value of software is realized through usage.  With CRM, your firm’s user adoption is a factor in your return on investment.  Here are ways you can increase adoption and get more value from your CRM System.


# Identify the Champions for your Zoho CRM System – Highlight user’s successes .  Share stories and examples of their positive experiences and the ways your CRM has helped them in their role.  This will draw the attention, interest and the desire of other users to fully adopt your Zoho system.

# Mentoring – Some users learn faster and just seem to “get it” quicker than others. Encourage those users to be helpful to others who are struggling or just want to pick up the pace of their learning.

# Produce Meaningful Zoho Reports and Zoho Analytics – Reporting and Analysis are a great way to realize the value of your system for better decision-making.  As management comes to rely more on data from your CRM system, the users will see how their efforts to enter that data are helping the organization to succeed – when users see the connection between their activity and the big picture they’re more likely to record information.  Don’t overlook ways to provide reports which can help all users, not just management, to do their job more effectively.  Reporting rewards efforts and provides meaningful knowledge which can benefit different users in ways that are relevant to their role within the company.  Reporting completes the circle from data entry to outcome and that encourages greater adoption.

# Leverage Zoho Automation and other Zoho Workflow Features to Increase Selling Time – CRM has features that will help employees to perform their job more efficiently and productively.  The powerful automation and workflow features of Zoho CRM can provide sales people with more time to sell.  Increasing selling time translates into more sales and higher commissions.  You can be sure to see greater adoption as a result.

# Map Your Business Processes into Your Zoho CRM Configuration – The more your uses need to rely on Zoho CRM to accomplish their job responsiblities and work as team, the more your CRM system becomes a natural and necessary extension of of their job.  If they have to “do their day” in Zoho, adoption is a given.

# Measure Success with Your Zoho CRM – Once your Zoho system contains the data on your prospects, customers, business activities and more, it becomes one of the best tools for measuring the success of your organization in a multitude of ways including but not limited to:  Sales performance, Customer Satisfaction, Product Interest, Marketing Effectiveness, etc.

# Zoho Training – The key to successful usage is training.  Training addresses questions, helps users advance their skills, reduces frustration due to lack of understanding, let’s your users tap into more features, and more.  There’s a lot of Zoho training available on videos and documentation.  Private live webinars with a Zoho expert is sometimes a better option.


As a Zoho Authorized Partner and Certified Zoho experts, First Direct Corporation can help adoption too.  We can bridge the skills gap your organization may have and accelerate adoption of your Zoho CRM.

Bob Ritter


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