Working With Data in Zoho Sheet

Zoho Sheets

Zoho Sheet 5 is part of the Zoho Office Suite.  Suite also includes Zoho Writer, Zoho Show and Zoho Notebook.

Zoho Spread Sheets

Zoho Sheet is spreadsheet software for teams that work collaboratively. You can create, edit and share spreadsheets online using Zoho Sheet.  Sheet has more than 350+ functions and also the ability to create custom functions to help you organize and scrutinize data together with your team.

 Some Features of Zoho Sheet:

# Zoho Sheet has a smart data cleaning tool that helps you remove data duplicates, inconsistencies, and missing values.

Zoho Sheets Features

You can apply conditional formatting to large volumes of data.

It has introduced 9 new functions including FILTER, CURRENCY, MAXIF, MINIF, IFS, UNIQUE, XOR, TEXTJOIN, and DATEDIF.

Zoho Sheet has also introduced Race Charts to help you represent data sets at a given time.

Zoho Sheets: Race Charts

Fetch data from other Zoho applications like Zoho CRM, Zoho Books, Zoho Forms, etc. using custom functions. To create custom functions, you would require customized Zoho implementation services. Contact First Direct Corp., a Zoho Authorized Partner, for customizing and configuring your Zoho Sheet for your unique business needs.

Zoho Sheet has live editing and collaboration features that let your team work together in real-time.

You can add charts, pivots, functions, and comments to data in your spreadsheet for better and collaborative data analysis.

Zoho Sheets Data Analysis

You get user-specific lock-settings and audit trail to secure your data in a spreadsheet. Each spreadsheet user can apply user-level filters based on their needs without disrupting the view of other users working on the spreadsheet.

Ask data-related questions to Zoho’s intelligence assistant Zia and get instant answers.

Zoho Intelligence Assistant

Make your spreadsheet an interactive application with interesting features like pick lists, checkboxes, data validations, and buttons.

Zoho Sheet is the first spreadsheet application to provide VBA code that helps to create an advanced flow of action.

It lets you convert hard copies of data into a spreadsheet using the ‘Data from Picture’ option on the Zoho Sheet mobile apps.

With Zoho Sheet mobile apps, take your data anywhere while staying connected to the team for collaborative analysis.

Data in Zoho Sheet

Zoho Sheet has been designed to be user-friendly. Creating, saving, deleting, importing, exporting, and naming a spreadsheet is easier than you think.

Zoho Sheet offers a range of features to organize and analyze data, build graphs, and perform other visualizations to get a better understanding of the data sets you are working on. Apart from data sorting, charts, data validation, filters, solver, and formulas, you can link external data, lock cells, create pivot tables, add text to columns, and do much more with Zoho’s online spreadsheet application.

Accessing Zoho Sheet

Zoho Sheet can be accessed inside Zoho Docs. To create a new spreadsheet from Zoho Docs’ main menu, click Create > Spreadsheet.

Once you have created and saved your sheet. Enter the data as required and follow these steps for working with data in a Zoho spreadsheet.

1. Data Sorting: To sort data, select the Sort menu from the Data toolbar. Select data as you want to sort, then click Data > Sort. Choose from Sort Ascending, Sort Descending or Custom Sort to set a condition for sorting.

Zoho Sheets: Data Sorting

2. Creating Charts: To create charts in a sheet, select Charts from the Insert menu. Click on the type of chart you want to create. Select the data range and enter X and Y axes titles. Provide a chart name and save it. You can publish the chart on your blog and even save it as an image.Zoho Sheets: Creating Charts

3. Data Validation: Click on the cell where you want to set a data validation rule. If you want to set the validation rule for several cells, drag and drop to select the range of cells. Click on Data menu and then click on Data Validation. Choose one option from the Criteria drop-down menu to set the required validation rule. You can edit and manage cells with conditions by clicking on the ‘Settings’ icon in front of every validation condition.Zoho Sheets: Data Validation

4. Filters: Filter conditions are a great way to analyze a set of data on the basis of a particular condition. Zoho Sheet lets you filter by cell value, filter by cell color, and filter by text color. You will find the Filter option under the Data tab from the main menu bar. Or you can right click on the required range and choose ‘Filter’ from the contextual menu. Choose your required filter options and click OK to save the changes.

Zoho Sheets: Filters

5. Solver: Zoho Sheet has a Solver feature that allows you to define and solve many types of optimization problems. Presently, Solver has two functions SUM() and SUMPRODUCT (). Click Data > Solver. When a pop-up menu is displayed, choose a target cell which must contain the value that is to be optimized. You will also have to choose whether the target cell should be maximized, minimized or have equal value. Choose the range of variable cells and the required constraints for optimizing the cells. Once you fill all the required details, a prompt is shown asking you to accept or reject the changes. Click OK to accept the optimized values.

Zoho Sheets: Solver

6. Formulas: In your Zoho spreadsheet, you can perform calculations using arithmetic and logical operations. The in-built mathematical operations in Zoho Sheet helps you perform complicated tasks easily. To insert a function, click Formulas > Insert Function. Choose a function that you want to insert from the options available. Enter the cell addresses where you want to insert a syntax for performing calculations. Similarly, you can set array functions, provide cell reference, do a recalculation and auto sum, and more using Functions feature in Zoho Sheet.


With Zoho Sheet you can analyze and share data in order for your team to collaborate and use information to manage smarter and make better decisions.

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