Zoho CRM Inbound Marketing Tools


Social Media “clicks” and Website “hits” are not the true test of your marketing’s results.  The vast majority of “visitors” come and go, and you will never know it.  The ultimate factors in determining the results and return on your marketing investment is engagement and conversion.  

Laws and what is acceptable as well as practical in business today make it rather prohibitive to use outbound marketing such as cold calls and broadcast emails to unqualified lists. Therefore, businesses today rely heavily on “inbound marketing” – what some describe as “Build It and They Will Come.” 

Just because they come to your organization’s website though, does not mean that they will “engage” with you.  It takes considerable use of marketing techniques, best practices, attractive design and compelling copy to attract engagement with your visitors. 

Inbound Marketing Engagement comes in several forms including:

# Incoming calls

# Email replies

# Web Form submissions

# Online orders

Even if you do all of this, your marketing can still fall short if you lack the proper use of technology to aid you with the engagement and conversion process.  Zoho provides award-winning technology that has tremendous review for inbound marketing and more!

Clicks without conversions is a losing proposition. 

Capturing a lead in the Zoho CRM database represents the first critical conversion that needs to take place.  However, that is only the start.  Conversion is a progression that ultimately culminates sees a visitor develop through a sales process into a new customer. 

Once a click or hit converts from being a visitor to a lead in your CRM database the process of qualifying them begins.  The effort of engagement and conversation continues as you seek, collect and enter additional information about the contact in your Zoho CRM database. If qualified, ideally a deal (sale) develops into a completed sale.  Finally, you have a customer. 

Of course, the relationship does not end there, as you seek to nurture the relationship for repeat business, referrals, and long-term customer loyalty. 

Zoho Applications Manage the Entire Life Cycle and Zoho’s Tools aid with the Entire Workflow.

Zoho has applications for managing relationships at every stage and for every situation.  From capturing new leads to tracking the sales process to handling customer service and all the way through invoicing and accounting. 

Speaking of the initial stage of engaging visitors to your website.  Here are examples of capabilities for that with Zoho:

# Web forms to capture leads – web forms can capture new leads as well as add information to existing records in your Zoho CRM


# Zoho Automated workflow including template email responses.


# Business rules for lead distribution and scoring leads in your Zoho database


# Website tracking with Zoho’s SalesIQ alerts you when leads are revisiting your website. You can even engage with your visitors using Zoho’s chat functionality.


# Dashboards to remind your sales team of leads/prospects that demand their attention


Zoho provides the technology, but it is only as good as the firm is at configuring and using it.  Effective use of any CRM requires marketing and sales expertise in and of itself.  Then, configuring your Zoho CRM in order to apply it to intelligent marketing & sales strategies and tactics requires expertise of Zoho functionality.   First Direct Corporation brings a special of the combination of both these disciplines. 


Bob Ritter


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