Zoho Marginal Utility is Off the Charts

zoho marginal utility

The concept of Marginal Utility is an interesting basis for evaluating the value of any purchase.  It is especially relevant to Zoho applications.  Let’s start with a definition.


mar·gin·al u·til·i·ty



The benefit gained from consuming one additional unit of a good or service.


There are different approaches that consumers take to make a buying decision.  Naturally, personal preferences come into play.  As do third-party reviews and customer recommendations.  One of the most common methods is what is called the “Ben Franklin approach”, where you draw a line down the center of a piece of paper and make a list of pros on each side for each product.  There are other ways.


In selecting any product or service, a consumer generally starts by identifying their needs and wants.  As you evaluate a product, you start by making sure it has all your needs.  The lack of one feature that you must have may be the basis for immediate elimination.  “Needs” are important and also tend to be the primary differentiators.
The “wants” are nice to have, but they are discretionary.

You get what you pay for” . . .  When you spend you expect to get more.

When an organization is selecting a product or switching from one supplier to another, in a “head-to-head” comparison, the concept of “marginal utility” comes into play.

In other words, assuming the price is not equal, one should consider the marginal utility, the added value for the added cost.


If the features are comparable between the two products, it may just come down to price.  On the other hand, if the competitor is offering more benefits for more money, the purchaser has to consider whether the added cost is worth the added benefits.  This would be “marginal utility.”


Zoho’s Marginal Utility is Off-the-Charts!


With 45+ solutions, Zoho has a broader and deeper selection of business applications than any CRM competitor on the market.  Applications can be purchased separately, or in bundles that include multiple apps.  An organization can start with just one product, such as CRM, for just one user at low entry level cost.  A firm can scale up by adding as many products and user licenses as it needs.  (Zoho does not lock customers into long-term contracts, so an organization can add and drop applications and users as their needs call for.)


Here is how “marginal utility” comes into play with Zoho . . . 
Zoho CRM Professional is a powerful and attractive CRM solution that costs just $20.00 per user per month (purchased annually).  On the other end of the spectrum, Zoho One, which includes all 45 applications and can literally operate every aspect of a business, costs just an additional $10.00 — $30.00 per employee per month (purchased annually).

Zoho One is the Operating System for Business! 


The marginal utility of the $10.00 difference between Zoho CRM and Zoho One is the best in the business.  I’m not the only one believes that Zoho’s value is UNBEATABLE!


First Direct’s Zoho CRM professional’s assist with evaluating Zoho and Zoho implementation.  We offer Zoho professional services such as Zoho configuration, Zoho Training, and Zoho Consulting.  As a Zoho Authorized Partner our mission is to help you market, sell and service better with Zoho’s award-winning applications.  First Direct will help you turn your software into a system.


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