Zoho Responds to Organization’s Need to Support a Remote Workplace

Zoho Responds to Organization's Need to Support a Remote Workplace

The emergence of advanced technologies and digitization has accelerated the trend of remote working. Today, more and more companies are adopting remote working policies. A Harvard Business School study found that people who work remotely are more productive than they are in an office setting. Owl Labs’ 2019 State of Remote Work report revealed that employees who work remotely on a regular basis are happier and stay with their companies longer.

Zoho Remote Workplace
State of Remote Report

Another study, The State of Remote Work, by Buffer found that 99% of employees would like to work remotely at some point in their careers. By the end of 2020, 30 percent of the workforce will be working remotely. The remote workforce trend isn’t going to slow down because employees get flexibility and remain happier while businesses can retain good employees and save on office costs.

I. Why a Remote Workforce is Better for Your Business

Hiring Will Not Be Limited To One Location

“Working from anywhere” is the new norm in today’s business world. An employee can choose to work from his or her home or any location that is not limited to your office’s geographical area. When your company starts a remote working policy, you can expand your team beyond state lines or country borders. You get access to a bigger talent pool, not being bound by geographical location. You can search and hire talents virtually worldwide. Also, several industries are experiencing a shortage of talents. Hiring remote workers opens a wider pool of applicants, thereby decreasing talent shortages. Qualified professionals from small towns, rural areas or developing nations can grow professionally, irrespective of their location.

Higher Productivity

Remote Workforce for Higher Productivity

Many case studies show remote teams are more productive than in-house teams. This means your remote works can get more work done in less time and ultimately increase your bottom line. There are a few reasons many studies have found that make remote workers more productive:

# They get to maintain work-life balance

# They are not distracted by co-workers or office environment

# They are self-motivated

# They save money on commutes and remain happier

# They can maintain healthier lifestyles

When you allow employees to work from any location they want, they could live in areas with lower housing costs, save on commuting time, and get a flexible schedule. These things make people happy and that happiness possibly translates to productivity.

Health and Environmental Benefits

The top things that employees want in their jobs are work-life balance and no commute-related stress. When you provide flexible work or telework options, your employees can devote more time to health and wellness. Remote work also helps to prevent the spread of infections or illnesses and protect public health. Remote working also does a lot for our planet than we expected. Telecommuters reduce transport-related carbon emissions, decrease air pollution, use less energy and less paper, and lessens the impact on infrastructure.

Work From Home is Perceived as a Job Benefit

Why do more and more employees want to work from home? Remote working is considered as the biggest job benefit by employees because of flexibility. They get to choose their productive hours and spend more quality time with their families. Thanks to the flexibility they get in remote positions, employees working from their home or any location show greater enthusiasm for work and higher job satisfaction rates.

Less Physical Workspace Requirement for the Company

Buying or renting an office space is expensive. It is the biggest fixed cost that your company will have to pay every month. When you manage remote teams without any physical office space, you save $10,000 per employee per year on real estate savings. Even if you have a physical office space, but allow your employees to work from home for at least 2 days in a week, you could save thousands of dollars in electricity bills and infrastructure maintenance costs. Despite the cost savings, companies believe remote workers are not secure when they work from their homes or any other location apart from office premises. 70% of companies think remote staff poses a greater cyber risk than onsite employees. If you want to tackle cybersecurity issues while working with a remote team, read this guide to learn 5 ways to tackle cyber threats from working from home.

II. How to Manage Remote Teams

Remote work is beneficial for employers and employees alike. Work from home policy brings higher productivity, cost savings, environmental benefits, satisfied employees, and a more diverse workplace. However, you need the right set of tools and applications to collaborate with your distributed remote team.

Keeping that in mind, we’ve created a comprehensive guide on how to use Zoho Remotely apps to manage, communicate and collaborate with your remote employees, wherever they are.

Zoho’s Remotely Suite

Zoho Remotely is a remote work suite that consists of 11 web-based and mobile apps, helping remote teams to organize, coordinate, collaborate, and communicate effectively sitting in different geographical locations.

Zoho's Remotely Suite

This advanced software suite helps companies and employees enjoy the benefits of work from home to the fullest by collaboration in real-time. Whether you need to monitor project progress, assign tasks, conduct meetings with your development, provide remote assistance to customers, or share files, Zoho Remotely makes it happen.

All of Zoho’s Applications are Mobile

Remotely includes a range of apps required for different aspects of your business communication. These apps are engineered for enhancing your business functionality, even when your teams are located in different geographic areas.

Communication tools: Zoho Remotely has three communication tools that make individual and group communication easier. With Cliq, stay better connected with your team through team messaging, automated schedules, and shared & organized conversations. Check this guide for remote team collaboration with Cliq. It does not matter where your team members are working from, schedule meetings online with chat, audio, and video calls using Zoho Meeting. If your business provides online training courses, you can remotely impart your knowledge through Zoho’s web conferencing and training tool ShowTime.

Zoho Remotely Communication Tools

Collaboration Tools: Work with your team on any project or content in a secure space using Zoho WorkDrive. It helps you stay synchronized with your work, wherever you are. Manage projects, assign tasks, and track team progress with Zoho Projects. If you follow agile project management tactics, use Zoho Sprints.

Zoho Remotely Collaboration Tools

Productivity Tools: When you and your team want to collaborate on a presentation, you can use Zoho Show. It contains pre-designed themes, templates, stories, animations, and transitions to create presentations. Zoho Show has a live feedback sharing option with an automated broadcast feature to make collaboration easier. Your remote teams can even use Zoho Show mobile app to deliver presentations on the go. Prepare spreadsheets and analyze data together with your team with Zoho Sheet. Create, edit, and share documents together with your remote workers using Zoho Writer. This guide on how to effectively use Zoho Writer for remote team collaboration would help you get started easily.

Zoho Remotely Productivity Tools

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Remote Assistance Tools: Zoho helps you reach out to your remote customer support teams and customers, wherever they are through Zoho Assist and Zoho Lens. Zoho Assist lets your team create secure remote sessions across different devices and provide assistance to customers from any location. Managing a remote customer service team is difficult, but this remote work guideline would help you manage your remote customer support team efficiently. With Zoho Lens, your customer service team can see the issues, collaborate with customers, and get things done faster. However, Zoho Lens is available to the US and EU DC users as of now.

ZohoRemote Assistance Tools

Zoho Assist and Zoho Lens

Economical – Free till July 1, 2020
Zoho provides advanced tools at affordable prices. Zoho Remotely has the best collaboration and communication tools that help remote teams to be more productive and grow your business. If you are opting for remote work, Zoho Remotely is the ultimate collaboration tool for managing your remote teams. Zoho Remotely is available for free till July 1, 2020 amid coronavirus crisis. When the price will be revealed after July 1, expect its price to be affordable for any business size. Zoho’s tools have been competitively priced, so Remotely might be an economical choice for companies planning to work remotely.

III. Conclusion

Zoho Remotely Meets Needs

Whether you’re allowing some employees for work from home on certain days every week, opening up a few positions for remote work, or setting up a full-time remote team, Zoho Remotely is going to meet all your needs for communication, collaboration, and coordination. It has a complete suite of apps required for creating a productive and secure remote work environment.

Zoho is a Company You Want To Work With

Zoho is a company that would like to work with for your business needs because it believes in providing awesome software products at affordable prices. Zoho aims to provide one operating system for running your entire business at a price that is economical for your company. Zoho is ISO 27018 Certified, which shows its commitment to data security and integrity. Zoho has consulting partners, implementation partners like First Direct Corp, and platform partners to help businesses use Zoho tools with maximum efficiency.

First Direct Corp Can Help You

First Direct Corp can help you implement Zoho Remotely and assist you in utilizing Remotely tools to their maximum potential so that your team performs better and provides productive results. Call our Zoho experts at (845) 221-3800 or contact us online to discuss setting up Remotely solutions for you organization.

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