Zoho Social Integration with CRM: Measuring ROI from Social Media

Social media marketing is a powerful way for businesses to connect and engage with their audience. If you are not directly connected to your targeted customers on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., you are missing out on big opportunities.

Social media isn’t just about sharing updates, photos, events, and short messages. It is about creating connections that drive leads, sales, and revenue. Promoting your business and products or services on social media is a great way to improve lead generation, boost conversions, increase engagement, and enhance customer service.

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Zoho Social provides features that enable organizations to convert social interactions and communications into leads and these leads into paying customers.  In the process with Zoho Social you can build a great brand on social media.

Zoho Social is built for growing businesses that are serious about social media marketing.  By the same token, it’s ease of use with let your social media management get started rapidly.

Zoho Social supports four social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. It started supporting Google My Business listing. There is no support for YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr and other channels as it focuses on core social media sites for growing businesses.

                                                             Zoho Social Features

Multi-Account Management     Content Management               Sentiment Scoring                 Competitive Intelligence

Analytics & Reports                  Conversion Tracking                Influencer Identification         Paid Campaign Tracking

Automated Publishing              Customer Targeting                  Social Campaigns                Content Engagement Analysis

Contact Management              Keyword Filtering                      Social Ads                             Follower and Competitor                                                                                                                                                          Analysis

Bulk Post Scheduling              Social Media Monitoring             Brand Safety                       Report Customizability

Engagement Tracking             Multi-Channel Data Collection   Community Engagement     Internationalization

Zoho Social offers mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. This lets you create and publish social media content as and when you want. You can preplant and schedule posts for later dates.  You can even use you mobile device create drafts offline and get updates on the go.  With Zoho Social you can build picture-perfect posts, and do much more. Zoho Social mobile app enables faster sharing with built-in share extension.

Zoho Social Mobile Apps

# With Zoho Social, you can schedule posts in advance to save time, reschedule them, and manage your content pipeline.

# You can create posting schedules with time slots. Zoho Social uses the SmartQ tool to predict the appropriate time to post on a social channel. You can rely on the SmartQ for creating content queues.

# Use a spreadsheet to schedule as many posts as you like in one go. You can tag Facebook pages, respond or comment on Instagram posts, repost pictures/videos, manage Twitter lists, and much more.

# There is a listening dashboard in Zoho Social that lets you track reviews, keywords, and mentions. You can interact with customers from within Zoho Social.

# See incoming engagements when they happen and respond on social media in real-time. Reply inline to all messages.

# Create custom reports for multiple social channels. Discover your followers, influencers, what they are saying, and more from the Analytics tab of Zoho Social.

# Create a discussion board to engage every team on anything worth talking about. Tag your team members or assign roles and permissions for better collaboration.

# You can connect your Facebook Lead Ads account with Zoho Social to monitor the performance of ad campaigns, revenue and expenses, and more.

# Integrate Zoho Social with Zoho Desk to convert social media updates into tickets and respond to customers’ messages as quickly as possible.

Zoho Social Ratings and Reviews

Zoho Social is a complete social media management platform for individuals, businesses, and agencies. Its powerful set of features like monitoring, scheduling, posting, tracking, and analytics has made it the top social media management tool in the market. On Trustpilot, Zoho Social is rated excellent with 5-stars from 1,256 verified users.

Zoho Social Ratings

As per a leading software review platform, Zoho Social is an excellent software for small and mid-size businesses, growing companies, and enterprises looking to manage their social channels from one platform.

With 6000+ ratings across software review sites, Zoho Social has been rated by:

Capterra                                                      GetApp                                                              G2

4.5 / 5                                                          4.6 / 5                                                                4.5 / 5

Zoho Social User ReviewsZoho Social User Reviews

Zoho Social Awards

Zoho Social Awards

# Zoho Social is #1 on the Top 10 Social Media Monitoring Software for Small Business and #2 on the Top 10 Social Media Management Software for Small Business lists by G2 Crowd.

Zoho Social: Small Business lists by G2

# Zoho Social received the “Top 50 Fastest-Growing Products in 2019” award from G2.

# Zoho Social is in the top 3 on GetApp’s “Social Media Marketing Category Leader 2017” list.

# Zoho Social was declared a “Leader” in the G2 Crowd Fall 2016 Grid for social media suites.

# Zoho Social has consistently been recognized as the best tool for social media management and monitoring tool for businesses of all sizes.

 Zoho Social Pricing

Zoho Social pricing starts at $15.00 per month. There is a free version of Zoho Social for individuals and one-person brand. See additional pricing details for Zoho Social below.

Standard Plan – $15                                                Professional Plan – $35

Zoho Social Pricing

Agency Plan – $275                                                   Agency Plus Plan – $400

Zoho Social Pricing

You can request a free trial of Zoho Social from our experts at (845) 221-3800.

Zoho Social Integration with Zoho CRM

Zoho Social: User Review

Zoho Social is the first tool in the social media industry that helps you track revenue from your social media marketing efforts. Zoho Social integration with Zoho CRM helps you generate leads from social media and engage with them for better results.

Zoho Social Integration with Zoho CRM

By integrating Zoho Social with the CRM, you can enrich leads and contacts in Zoho CRM with social data. You can close more deals faster. Here are the benefits of integrating this social media management tool with your CRM software:

#You can create new leads from Twitter likes, keywords, or followers and Facebook likes, posts, and messages.

Zoho Social Twitter Leads

# Convert social engagements into leads, automatically by using filters and relevant keywords as triggers.

# You can engage with your leads and follow updates from all your Connections in the Monitor tab. You get real-time updates when leads interact with your brand on social channels.

Zoho Social: Social Media Leads

# Zoho Social is the first software that lets you track revenue from each channel.

# You can empower your sales and marketing teams with contextual information so they can close the deals faster and better.

Here are the steps of integrating Zoho Social with Zoho CRM:

Only Zoho Social admins and Zoho CRM admins can enable this integration.

Zoho Social Integration with Zoho CRM

# Go to Settings > Social Channels and click on the CRM Integration toggle switch. This will enable CRM integration for the Facebook Page and Twitter Profile.

If you are not the CRM admin, you can invite the person to enable the integration of Zoho Social with Zoho CRM.

# Go to Settings > Social Channels and click on the CRM Integration toggle switch. You will get a pop-up with the list of CRM admins.

# Select one CRM admin and click Invite Now.

Measuring Social Media ROI from Zoho Social

According to a Trust Radius survey, 60% of marketers say “measuring ROI” is one of the biggest challenges they face in social media marketing. Most marketers look at likes, comments, retweets, brand mentions, and other engagement statistics instead of overall sales. Why is it hard for businesses to measure social media ROI? Studies reveal that marketers lack analytics expertise and resources, they employ inadequate measurement tools, and use inconsistent analytical approaches for measuring ROI.

Zoho Social integrates with Zoho CRM, providing you a platform to track revenue from social media marketing efforts.

Measuring Social Media ROI from Zoho Social

With Zoho Social, you can set lead generation rules for leads generated through different social media channels.

Zoho Social Lead Generation

You can create reports to see the performance of your Facebook Lead Ads campaigns as well as demographics and placement of leads generated.

Zoho Social Lead Ads

Create CRM reports from within Zoho Social to know leads created, contacts, potentials, and revenue.


Zoho Social is an intelligent social media management software with smart analytics, reporting, and publishing features. With an friendly UI and straightforward metrics, Zoho Social is a great tool for small and large businesses to maintain their social media presence, increase brand awareness, engage customers, and analyze the total audience reach and ROI.

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